Monday, June 7, 2010

Goodbye Vanguard

This past Sunday was out last at our beloved church, Vanguard. We have made so many wonderful friends through Vanguard and been blessed by the ministries of the church. We are so grateful to know that God has another support system picked for us in Spokane!

The Royal Gorge

A few weeks ago my parents came to CO one last time before we move away. We relaxed a lot by watching movies, walking (but it was very cold) and one CO adventure to the Royal Gorge! The Royal Gorge is a beautiful, well... gorge with a river at the bottom. The longest suspension bridge in the world is here and it's quite the view. You can walk or drive across the bridge but we chose to take the trail through the gorge below instead. It was a beautiful two hour train ride that followed the gorge. Here's a few fun pictures from that outing...
I love David wearing the Ergo while Norah takes her afternoon nap!
Here's the bridge and part of the open train sections you could visit during the two our ride.
Beautiful Colorado.
Our "home base" for the train ride!
And one final picture to show the rest of the week relaxing. My mom is an amazing knitter and she was making a baby sweater for one of my friends! *Also pictured is Radar :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

David is 20/20!

David got his eyes fixed. In April David got PRK eye surgery and it was a success. Although there were about three days of lots of drugs and not much else for him, he was a tough cookie! He had to wear goggles to bed and these very dark sunglasses all the time. We spent a lot of these first few days with all the shades drawn and lights off, makes mama sleepy! He was in a lot of pain the first few days but God has blessed him with perfect vision post surgery!

Did You Miss Us?

Well, we've had quite the lull in blogging huh? We've been very busy so there's lots to update you on, if you're interested! I've only had one person mention checking our blog recently so we assumed we weren't missed too terribly in the blogosphere :)

Some initial thoughts since I'm not even sure where to begin...

The last month or so has been very tiring as parents. Norah has been teething and still is on and off and will be for some time! We feel so sad for her as she cries out in pain throughout the night and sometimes the days too. And, those darn teeth still haven't come through! So, I've had some decent nights of sleep but for at least four weeks Norah has consistently been waking up 6-10 times per night. No REM for this mom.

So this morning in part of my deliriousness I'm carrying my Babe down the stairs and think I'm down, but still actually had two steps left. We go crashing to the hardwood floor. God is good and helped me make sure Norah was close to me and not the ground, just a tear or two from the shock of falling. I blame teething.

I think with being so tired I've really felt like a terrible mom at times. I'm sure you other parents can relate, but honestly it makes me feel so awful when I get so angry about the littlest things. For instance, yesterday morning (around 6am her normal awake time) Norah starts to cry and I wake up instantly angry! I'm not sure why but I was mad at David. Ummm, it's not his fault or Norah's but I'm just that tired that I blame him for her crying. Poor child has to deal with a Mom with a temper and poor hubby has to learn to let it go because he knows in his heart I love him! There are other times though (usually in the middle of the night) when I just feel like I can't... can't get up, can't (am not) a good mom, can't love on Norah when she needs it, can't move from my bed and then sometimes can't sleep because I'm overly tired. All those things make me feel like a lousy mom - short temper, don't want to help her as she cries and just getting impatient when she won't sleep even though she's tired (this goes along with us trying to get her into a bedtime routine).

Anyway, those are some of the biggest things that have effected us during the lull from blogging. There are SO many fun things that we've done too that I'll start with soon! Thanks for following us, we do love you all and hope you're well!

I don't want you guys to think I don't LOVE being a mom because I DO!!! It's definitely my favorite role and I love most aspects of it - just keeping it real for you.


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