Friday, May 18, 2012

my thing.

I am so excited to tell you about my awesome sewing class!  I had a blast learning so many new techniques and getting to ask about 100+ questions to my instructor and making some really fun new projects.  This was the first class I've taken and it was a very casual setting, in someone's home with about 5 students but it was a perfect and comfortable setting for me - and, did I say I had fun?

I'll give you a quick rundown of things I learned and made during the 10 week class.  Most weeks we sewed a little in class and then had homework to try out a new skill we were taught - it was a great way to learn hands on and with really cute projects, too.

Week one ruffle, types of needles to use on your machine & info about tools and thread too. *Ruffle scarf, not pictured
Week two make and sew bias tape and sew darts. *Apron
Week three fabric flowers, lining a project/bag, edge finishing & hand sewing techniques *Tote with flowers
Week four shirring (SO fun!), cleaning & caring for your machine & intro to sergers. *The Maddy dress Evelyn is wearing!
We five introduced us to a handful of awesome feet you can buy for your machine (ruffler, rolled hem, walking foot etc.)
A close up of the shirring and the second dress I made (for Norah) since I loved it so much!
Week six zippers! *Faux leather pouch
Week seven making & using piping, pleating. *Throw pillow
Week eight pattern making & working with knits! *Circle skirt & leggings
Week nine sewing with elastic & appliques. *Poodle on the skirt, waste band on skirt & leggings.
Week ten catch up week!
Norah's wearing the circle skirt & leggings (they are capri style and not actually uneven, just the way she's standing) and Evelyn's wearing the Maddy dress - adorable!
During class I heard my instructor say that sewing was her "thing" and I loved that phrase. I've used it before when talking about others but I'm going to say it... I think sewing is my thing. At least for now and I hope for a long long time because I really love doing it. I hope I can continue to improve and try new things!  Have you discovered your "thing" or things - something you can escape everyday things to do and something you love?  I have other things I like a lot but this is somehow different - I feel good about it when I complete something and during it I love it too as I'm creating something from a flat peice of fabric.  It brings me so much joy!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


This past weekend we drove (45 min) to partake in the pilgrimage of the Holy Robe.  The Trier Cathedral hasn't put Christ's tunic since 1996 (and previously had only been shown to the public in 1933 and 1959).  The Cathedral has had the Robe that is believed to have been worn by Jesus since the 4th Century.  Unfortunately, we were unable to take a picture as we were whisked by the Robe.

Unfortunately, the weather was unexpectedly very cool and crisp, but we wandered around a bit and saw a small portion of the beautiful city.  We hope to visit again when the weather is warmer.
 Enjoying our Italian lunch. Again, two toddlers & eating out = a bit crazy but sometimes there's not much way around it when you're out and about.
 The Trier Cathedral
 We parked near this beautiful area with the pond, tons of flowers and a cute little park.
Doing big girl things.


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