Thursday, June 28, 2012

wisconsin love. blomgren style.

Recently we were blessed to take advantage of a visit to the States to see family and some friends!  Our siblings all finally got to meet Evelyn and we finally got to meet our niece and nephew that were born since leaving for Germany.  We kicked off the trip spending quality time with the Blomgren's at Kolnes Kove (like last year) and had an unforgettable time once again.

We ate great food, talked, took a few boat rides on the new and beautiful pontoon, celebrated Chuck's 60th, and mainly just enjoyed being together.  Here are some of the highlights in pictures :)
 The morning Norah & Evelyn met cousin Micah (Keith & Kristin's son, 6 months) and that Micah met them!

It can't go without saying that I shed a few tears that morning meeting Micah and Liv (Steve & Colleen's daughter). It was such a sweet time to really become an aunt in the flesh and so fun to finally start to get to know them both.
A chilly but fun pontoon ride.
 Colleen & Liv (9 months)
 The first cousin picture!  I love it. 
Micah, Liv, Norah & Evelyn
 What a good lookin' family :)
 Norah cuddling her Grandpa!
 Captain Steve showing Norah how to drive the new boat, and honk the horn a little, too.
 Evelyn was very weary of the boat but when the motor wasn't running she did a lot better.  She even looks like she was having fun here.  Cutest 22 month old I know!
 Colleen, Steve & Liv
 Kristin, Keith & Micah
 The Grandparents are in heaven... not sure where Norah's mind is (2 year old's will be 2 year olds...)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The girls are currently obsessed with the song twinkle twinkle little star. We really can't remember ever singing this song to them (but my mom mentioned that she had before) so we don't know how they learned it!  Now, we don't have to sing it they can do it themselves... every single day... over and over and over again.  If there's a pause in conversation Evelyn will just fill it in with "twinkle twinkle." It's rather cute :)


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