Monday, August 29, 2011


As our sweet girl takes a nap - we wanted to let y'all know she is finally in our arms, FOREVER!!!
We have this amazing joy and peace coming from our hearts. And, so much gratitude - such an amazing day.
 She's so smitten with her Daddy
 She has a great, loving personality and we can tell she is going to fit in just perfectly with our fam!  And she still has her baby cheeks!

Friday, August 26, 2011

meeting our girl!

Minutes before we left our guest house - SO nervous and excited!

We are so in love!
Praise the Lord - we got to kiss and hug and love on Evelyn today!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

annyeong haseyo from Seoul!

After a few long days of travel, we made it safely to South Korea!  We are quasi-rested and ready to explore!  We are meeting Evelyn tomorrow afternoon and hope to gain custody of her on Monday!  We are thrilled to meet her and to begin life with her.  Thanks for all your prayers and support!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

better 2gether.

We're together - and we love it!
Thanks for your continued prayers surrounding our flights and Evelyn's visa.

David & Kelly.

Monday, August 22, 2011

he made it here.

After over 24 hours of grueling travel David made it to the west coast!!  Praise God for his provision in getting David here safely.  I talked to him briefly in the middle of his two flights just to tell him about the hotel in Seattle and the transportation to and from the hotel.  You see, his German cell phone doesn't work that well here :)

My mom also made it to her destination!  After her first standby flight at 6:30am, a 14 hour layover (yuck) and another flight she arrived in Spokane around 11pm (1am her time).

I'm leaving in about 4 hours and I get to see my husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yippy!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait!!!!

Please pray for all the details of our flight tomorrow, that we would get on to that standby flight.  The flight leaves at 8:30am pacific time if you like to pray while things unfold (we'll be at the airport at least three hours ahead).

Thanks for your support and journeying with us.  I'll try to keep you updated as things unfold.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

not the travel call.

We haven't received "the call" but... we're still on our way to Seoul :)

David started his adoption leave on Friday so he could be put on a standby list for a flight this morning (in Germany) with the AF.  There were only 6 seats available and lots of people waiting. At this point all I know is he got on the flight very last minute and he emailed me saying "I got on the Mchcord flight!!!!!! Totally a God thing."  It gets me all choked up and I cannot wait to hear how his day unfolded before that email (there were about ten emails all saying he wasn't getting on and talking about which tickets he should purchase).

It's like God wants to make sure we have to give Him credit, like we wouldn't, by making everything so insanely fall into place like only He can do.  It's kinda takin' a toll my human body since I'm a fat ball of nerves - still obviously learning about put my full trust in Him alone.

This morning my mom is also flying standby to get to Spokane to help watch Norah while we're gone.  She got through the first leg of the trip and now has a grueling 14 hour layover to get through before finding out if she will make it through the second leg!

Tomorrow I will fly to Seattle to see my man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited.

Tuesday we are on the standby list, yet again, to get to Korea.  The odds are truly in our favor as the flight has over 50 seats still available.

Some of the details: we knew the call should be coming any day and also knew that it would take David two days or more to get to the states to go to Korea together.  So, we checked in with our agency about getting to Korea before the call and they gave us the go ahead.  If Evelyn's visa has still not been issued by the time we arrive in Seoul we hope to get her packet from the agency and bring it to the embassy to be processed (yes, that's all we've been waiting for since August 10th).  After that we can finally meet our babe :)

Once we have Evelyn we'll get her enrolled in our insurance on the AF base there and hopefully be able to fly standby back to the states (please pray)!

So, if all works out as planned we'll have gotten David literally flown around the world; I'll have flown Seattle to Korea and back and Evelyn from Korea to the states all at the mere cost of the stress of the unknown.  Okay, not sure if that sentence makes sense or is a suuuuuper long run-on but whatever, you get what I'm saying.

The emotional side:  It's hard. What we're about to embark on with Evelyn entering into our family is all we've prayed and wanted this last year.  The reality is still scary, and exciting. We know the Lord's called us to this adoption and have so much love for Evelyn but it's the whole thing about becoming parents again - being responsible for another human/two of them - becoming a biracial family - moving over seas and all any move entails (new community, new church, new job).  There are so many overwhelming positives but with any situation there are some concerns of the unknown and leaving the safety of what you have. I think that mostly sums up what we're feeling right now.

Like always, we covet your prayers. Please pray for all the flights and details we have that are still unknown; for timing of the visa and the standby list. Pray for all the anxieties, that we can truly sleep when time allows and trust in the Lord for all the things ahead. Pray for Evelyn's heart to be craving what only our family can give her and that she is receptive to us when we meet her. Pray for her foster family as they will surely grieve losing her . Pray too for Norah that the Lord prepares her to welcome "Sissy" home with lots of love and grace; and that Norah isn't too jealous or needy when we're figuring out where to put all our love for our two girls!

Thank you for all your words of encouragement and prayers. We need them all to stay afloat.  Don't be shy, go ahead and send some more words of encouragement and prayers - I'm not afraid to ask!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

emotional roller coaster, no thanks.

I can't even decide where to start my sentences, how to start an email or keep my mind on one thought - I'm being so serious!  Things are scary, exciting, nerve-racking and emotional. Not the emotional you would think, like crying all the time or anything, just sensitive to each days events and anything that Norah does or changes we are about to embark on... it's a different kind of emotional.

I've considered Evelyn's next few weeks... and her foster parents... and ours as Blomgren's and how we finally get to meet our second daughter, who is currently a stranger to us.  I've been grieving for Evelyn's departure from her country, the foster family she loves and the language and smells she only knows. She'll be introduced to new people and faces, foods, smells, language and a massive time change to help with it all!  It's just going to be a very dramatic and hard change for her - no matter how we ease into the changes from our side.  We're praying for God's help and grace to love both girls during the changes and transitions about to happen.

Yesterday I repacked Evelyn's bag for our Korea trip for about the fourth time (I've had it packed since May I think)!  It was fun, and really nice to buys my hands with something that has to do with the actual trip to Korea.Everything else right now just seems hypothetical, like we might get the travel call on this day and if we do we'll leave at this point etc.

Today, as I start to pack my bag and choose which outfits to brings and what toiletries I can live without for a few days... I'm praying for anything my mind jumps from - this to that and back to this and over there again :) Praying out the details and wrestling with getting some sleep and trying to relax before becoming a mom of two girls under two!!!  Oh the level of anticipation is almost palpable. I love it!

Monday, August 15, 2011

a stroll in nanzdietschweiler.

Well, Wrigley and I have called Germany our home for over a month now; though, it really isn't home yet.  It has been a wild ride so far and I am very excited for the things to come.  When we first arrived, our #1 priority was to find a house.  You see, the house hunting here is crazy and quite stressful, especially in July during the peak PCS season (Permanent Change of Station).  Most "good" places are taken within a day or two of being listed.  In fact, we tried to rent a couple of places before we even arrived and were beat to the punch by hours each time.  That prepared me to be ready to sign a contract the minute I found a place I liked.  Within a week of arrival, I saw 7 places and found our new home---and I am stoked about it!  Out of all the houses we saw, this one was by far had everything we were looking for--and the name of the village is fun to say: Nanzdietschweiler!

After living in a hotel for a month waiting for the old tenants to leave, Wrigley and I moved in to our empty house this weekend (our household goods won't arrive for another month and a half, unfortunatley, so we have some loaner furniture from the Air Force).  My first impressions of Germany have been very good.  Here are some of the reasons I think we'll enjoy it here:

1) Rules: The Germans love their rules.  While some people despise rules, I actual love rules (well, I only love rules that make sense and that people follow).  Here, their rules make sense and everyone does follow them (or incur a hefty fine).  One of the rules I love the most is their quiet hours.  Everyday, from 1-3 pm and 10 pm-6am; and all day Sunday, it's quiet hours.  No mowing the lawn, no washing cars, no loud music, etc.  If you are caught mowing your yard, for instance, I heard the fine was like 200 Euros.  Instead of doing these things, the Germans get out and go for a walk, or ride a bike.  Sundays are truly days of rest, relaxation, and family time.  I love that!  Also, no trucks on the road on Sundays..also great!

::this is the street we live on::

2) Cars: I'm not a huge car guy, but I do enjoy them.  Here, every other car is either a BMW, Audi, or Mercedes...and well taken care of.  I found myself an old 1996 BMW with low miles on it for a great price, so I'm in the club.

::my ride and a sneak peak at our house::

3) The Villages: In the States, I have no desire whatsoever to live in a small town.  But here, living in a small village is the cool thing to do.  Within 30 miles of base, there are over 300 villages...some small, some quite large.  Almost every village has a bakery, pub, bank, restaurants, church, school, playground, soccer field, etc.  And they all take pride in their village.  While I am extremely bummed that our village's bakery shut down a few years, there is still a bakery truck that comes by the house everyday and sells fresh bread and pastries!  

::just one of the many beautiful views around our village::

4) Beer: The beer here is cheap, plentiful, and really good!  When you go out to a restaurant and order water, it will literally be more expensive than beer (they don't provide tap water--something I don't like---and the bottled water is typically a little more than the beer).  And they mix their beer with a lot of different beverages, like Coke and lemonade, which is fun and actually tasty!  They also love their pizza and ice cream, which is great!

::a park near our home for the girls!::

Saturday, August 13, 2011

visa medical, done!

Yes, it's true - Evelyn's visa medical appointment already took place!  We are ecstatic, to say the least!

Now we now have to wait for the class B waiver.  The class B waiver is an extra form some families have to sign because of any special medical condition. Evelyn has a nevis of ota on one side of her face.

Shortly after we overnight the waiver to Korea her visa interview will take place at the US Embassy. Post interview we should get our travel call within 24 hours.

We'll keep you up to date!  Thanks for the continued prayers as our life is truly about to change for the better!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

EP approved and praising God!

For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay. 
    -Habakkuk 2:5

After almost 12 weeks of waiting for our Evelyn's EP to be approved we are praising God for this completed step!  Even though we've felt like this process is flawed and delayed, God had it under control and surely to Him all along this was the plan and it was not delayed.  For His glory we've waited and in it I have grown, and I know David completely agrees!|

After hearing on Monday that the ministry had started taking more EP applications we thought for sure yesterday we would hear of ours being approved.  Nothing happened yesterday and I was totally discouraged.  Still we were somewhat hopeful that at least there was some type of movement and progress, even if it didn't have to do with Evelyn.

After over a week without talking to David on the phone or computer we finally connected today.  It was such a blessing to get the call about the EP approval while I was on Skype with him!!  We are both so relieved and feeling such a surge of energy and excitement over bringing our Evelyn home.

Next step - visa medical appointment. We are praying for a quick turn around on Evelyn's appointment with a specialized doctor to fill out her visa forms for travel and 
emigration to the US.  Because Evelyn was a waiting child there is a special waiver the doctor will fill out and we have to sign, get notarized, overnight to our agency, they will overnight it to our agency in Korea who in-turn gets it to the US Embassy - phew!  

Once the embassy has it in their hands the visa interview can be scheduled (usually this is able to be scheduled quickly) and once the "interview" happens they process her travel documents within 24hours and we can go to Seoul!!!!  

So, as you can see there are still a few major details on this end of things before the MANY details once she's in the states.
We are praying for anything and everything to happen fast - which would mean we could maybe travel in August but that is still a stretch.  Please keep praying for a miracle and that we would be patient and trusting in the Lord. He is good and His timing is the best, we know that full well and we're resting in that truth.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

july chaos in Korea.

In short, nothing much has happened for our adoption.  It's been a tough few weeks for many families in the process of waiting to bring home their precious children from Korea.

On the Korean side, things have been paused since the end of May and no families have been issued the permit we are waiting to get Evelyn home.  From the little information that has been officially announced  the Ministry of Health and Welfare (the ones who issue the permits) decided to make a strong point to the adoption agencies who have not been completing their paperwork after the children have gone to be with their families (post placement paperwork).  The ministry has been requesting the missing paperwork before they will continue issuing new permits.

During this time the ministry has also announced that they are changing some of the upcoming adoption laws and those changes will go into effect in 2012 (they don't affect us).  They are trying to move toward closing intercountry adoption so that children can be adopted domestically only.  This would be a wonderful thing but the number of children without homes far exceeds the number of families able and willing to adopt.  The issue behind all of these things is much deeper but there's no need to dive into that here.

The latest update we've received is that our agencies have all their paperwork into the ministry and now all we can do is continue to pray and wait.  Our agency has been led to believe permits will start being issued again sometime in August.  We're back to hoping each day bring that's awaited phone call that Evelyn's EP was approved, please join us!  We are officially the next family from our agency who will travel to bring their child home, yippy!

If you're interested in reading a little more about this pause in permits, check this post out.

Since Evelyn's been adoptable and waiting for over a year she has had her second full physical.  Each month she sees the same doctor and they send us an assessment of her health and motor skills along with her weight and teeth count.  This week we received her full physical exam results.  Nothing surprising or alarming. She is still healthy and developing well.  She is "cute and fine", has 10 teeth and weighs 20 lbs, 7 oz and drinks from a cup :) I love any and all details we can get.

Of course we are all longing to be together again, ASAP.  I miss David so much and the stress of the last three+ weeks since he's been gone have been pretty darn intense so that makes me miss him all the more.  Pray that Evelyn has a deep longing for us, even though she knows nothing about us - just that there's some type of need that only we as a family can fill.  We long for her to be with us but continue to trust God in his timing and know that this process is for His glory and that we would be refined as we wait.  I'm thankful again and again for David's positive attitude even though he's alone and in a new country.

Monday, August 1, 2011

july chaos in germany.

David is hoping to post soon about his first impressions of home and what he's been learning.  It's been fun getting reports about the new culture we're entering into, all the things we can explore and tidbits about his new job.  He's been doing well and has been at his job now about two weeks already.  There's a steep learning curve for the position so it'll take him a bit to really be into his rhythm as a Medical Law Consultant.

The first week he was in the area he looked at several German homes and was quite overwhelmed at the idea he might have to choose one on the spot.  You see, there are so many people that want to rent and so if you like a house, a lot of times you need to sign a contract on the spot so no one the next hour takes it out from under you!  Once again, the Lord faithfully provided a home for us in the village of Nanzdietschweiler (try saying that 5 times)!  We'll share pictures and more on our awesome village later.  But, to whet your appetite I'll say it's got a fenced in yard for the girls and Wrigley, a beautiful drive into town (from the pictures I saw) and it's surrounded by many a German folk which is what we were hoping for.

Prayer requests for David: please pray that he finds a quick community as he waits, that he is able to ease into his new job and start to love what he's now going to do for next three years.  Pray for him and Wrigs as they transition into our new home next week, that they would feel at ease there even without anything in it :)

Update on Korea coming tomorrow, stay tuned!


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