Wednesday, December 29, 2010

T-SHIRTS, T-sHiRtS, t-shirts

We are overjoyed to release our adoption t-shirts to the world!  As one of our main fundraising efforts we want to thank Ben Malley who played a huge role and spent many hours being our artist!  We gave him our ideas and he hit the ground running.  Thank you Ben, you have blessed us beyond words.  Our goal to sell 200 shirts seems overwhelming, but we know with your help we will be able to do this!  Each shirt cost us around $10 to make and we are asking for a $25 donation (or whatever you feel led to give--there are no restrictions on the donation!) per shirt.

American Apparel Grey Shirt!

American Apparel Blue Shirt!

To order a shirt copy and paste the below form into an email and send it to kelly.blomgren(@)
To pay, simply donate to our adoption by clicking on the give anonymously widget on the sidebar or send us a check (we'll email you back with our address)!  Thank you for helping bring our baby(s) home from S.Korea and for supporting orphans in need.

Paying by check: Yes or No
Grey Shirt: Tell us how many you want!
Size: Unisex small through extra large or women's small through extra large
Blue Shirt: Tell us how many you want!
Size: Unisex small through extra large or women's small through extra large

116 shirts sold as of July, 2011 -- Praise the Lord and let's keep it going!

Shirts still left to sell:
    Women's: small or medium
    Unisex: small or medium
    Women's: small (only one left!)
    Unisex: small (only one left!)


Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Wahoo! Love them!

the cuthberts said...

love these kel!!

Heather said...

Kelly, these are AWESOME!

Kara said...

Cute T-shirts. Good luck with the adoption process of Sweet Pea.

(un)Deniably Domestic said...

Great Ts. So glad to see you think of the girls' figure as well. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

coolkids said...

awesome tees!! Love this idea!

Amy H. said...

I have spotted these before, on one Emily Anderson. I love them and the idea so much. I will be placing an order soon. then I will have to call Em before we get together anytime to make sure we are not both wearing them :)

thanks for linking up.
i will share on twitter and FB.

Jully Erikson said...

Those designs are beautiful, I can't believe you did those freehand! I love the colors of the blank tee-shirts, too. Thanks for sharing us!


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