Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why are you fundraising?

Though many have not asked this question, we know many are thinking it!  I, too, often wondered why people who were adopting were asking for support---that was before I (David) knew how financially challenging it can be to adopt!  We thought hard about whether or not to do this post, but we decided it is best to be open and transparent since we are seeking support from others.

Unfortunately, it can be very costly to adopt...often preventing those who want to help give a child a loving home from being able to do so.  Overseas adoptions typically cost around $25,000---South Korea happens to be significantly more.  One of the biggest, if not biggest, concern for us when we were thinking and praying about adoption was the cost.  In the end, we decided that you cannot place a price on adoption and trusted that God would provide the resources for us to move forward and would challenge us to live more frugally.

The Body of Christ is called to care for the orphans and widows of this world, both corporately and individually, and we know that it will be the Body that will not only help us bring our baby(s) home but help raise him/her in a loving environment.  Just as many are called to support overseas ministries and help sponsor a child, it is a call to corporately provide a Christ-centered roof over an orphan's head.

While we have been saving for adoption for over 3 years, that money only paid for approximately a third of our expenses.  We are certainly not afraid to go into debt for this cause, but we are hoping not to.  We are currently pursuing no-interest loans and grants, and are doing some fundraising efforts to help offset the costs that are quickly coming upon us.  Our next major payment of around $8,000 is due in April and  we are counting on the rest of our adoption savings, fundraisers, and possibly grants to bring us all the way to our payment.  

In the end, we hope to raise at least $5,000---if we meet this goal, our out of pocket expenses will be much more manageable, especially if the adoption tax credit continues for the next few years.  Of course, we don't want to pressure any of our friends and family in our fundraising efforts, but we will be forever grateful for whatever people give.  If you do feel inclined to give, there are numerous ways to do so:
  1. We have recently ordered 125 sweet t-shirts that were designed by Kelly's cousin, Ben, which will be sold for a suggested donation of $25 (coming next week!);
  2. You can purchase coffee here, and we receive $5 per bag; and
  3. You can donate through our Give Anonymously widget on our blog.
We hope this helped answer why we need your help to bring our baby(s) home!

Find other FAQ's here.

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Jason, Erika, and the Chimp said...

I love that you are providing different ways to support. Do please let us know about the tshirts! And also let us know about the garage sale in MN (when and where). Maybe we could come or donate things!


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