Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Happenings!

We hope each of you had a blessed Christmas with family and friends!  We were so blessed here Spokane and wanted to share about our special times with you.  And a few pictures, of course!  We are so thankful to have been invited and welcomed into our friend's parent's homes for Christmas Eve and Christmas day celebrations.  On Christmas Eve we were invited to the Hook's childhood church and then to Amy's parent's house for clam chowder, a few games and a Christmas story.  We had so much fun celebrating Jesus with the Hooks!
Norah in her adorable Christmas best.  I had to quick do her hair in the parking lot (it now fits into two pony tails in the back!)
It's hard to get a decent picture of two mom's with two little chicks under 2 years old :)
 Ethan, Amy & Jono winning the "blow the ping pong off the edge of the other side of the table" game
 And, the losing team :)
Dave, Tammy & David
 Jonathan & Clara, David & Norah

And, a bedtime story for the girls

On Christmas day we enjoyed celebrating with a smorgasbord of friends!  We were at the Randall's parent's house along with other friends from church and new military friends.
 Andi & Kelly
 Amy & Hollyn & Sue (our host)
 David & Erik (he goes with Andi)
 Parker (Amy's son) and Dan and Norah looking a little silly!
 We have a mistletoe in our house (of course!) and Norah LOVES to ring it's bell.  Merry Christmas with a kiss!
 And a cute picture of Nors as she chatted on the phone with her Nana today!  She's totally into mimicking us these days, and talking on the phone is no exception.
And finally, we are still slightly under the weather!  It's been a long two weeks here healing and feeling sick.  When Norah feels icky she just wants us to wear her around the house or hold her, so we do!  I think it's adorable.  So, this is a picture of just that... and a really messy kitchen which is just how it is when you're sick! *massive amounts of kleenex not pictured*


M. Sindelar Designs said...

Love the blog:) So fun to read!! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! We have dealt with the same sickness over here in Bothell...maybe it's a bug spread over WA!? :)

Hope you guys are doing great!

~Molly Sindelar

Jenny said...

I just found your blog! How fun to see you with people I know and love. Glad you had a great
Christmas...your family looks so happy. Norah is ADORABLE! Don't kids make everything fun?

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

We loved having you for Christmas! You ended up with much better pictures of the day than I did.

And that picture of your house makes me feel better about our messes. If only sickness were the reason for us ;).


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