Monday, July 26, 2010

Homemade Bread

A few months back my friend Stacy taught me how to make homemade wheat bread. Since she taught me how I've enjoyed making about one loaf a week and it's delicious!!! C'mon over for a slice.
My first shot at it and I got the shape looking good :)
And, the final product! I am so grateful for Stacy who has taught be a lot about cooking and baking. Love ya Stace and miss ya already.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rockie Mountain High

When you know you'll only live in a city/state for 2 years, it motivates you to take advantage of your surroundings. Knowing we'd only be in the great state of CO for a little time, we tried to take advantage of our time there, despite me being deployed for 25% of the time. Below are some of our favorite outdoor memories from the Rockies:
Red Rock Canyon in Colorado Springs, right after we got Wrigley in 2008.
At the summit of Torrey's Peak - May 2008 Our first hot air balloon ride - Labor Day 2008
Piney Lake (near Vail) - July 2008
Red Rocks Amphitheater before the Sigur Ros concert - Fall 2008
One of many fun days at Keystone -Winter 2009
Mt Culter hike (our favorite in Colorado Springs) - Easter 2010
Norah's first camping trip! Summer 2010
My recent hike up Mt Sherman (approaching the summit) - Summer 2010
Almost there! (My buddy Kristopher)
At the summit--it was extremely windy (at least 60 mph) at 14k feet
My other buddy Dave and myself trying not to fall over.
Goodbye Colorado, we already miss you.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Toyota Meet the Parents

This is hilarious, please watch and laugh :)
Some of my favorite quotes from this commercial...

"I'm not saying parenthood is a competition but if it was, we would clearly be winning... oh yeah we are winning at parenthood. We are awesome."

"Our kids are SO lucky to have us as parents."

"(Hubby) Sometimes when we roll up in our swagger wagon and people see our style... I don't want to say they get jealous but... (wife) yeah you do. (Hubby) Yeah I do!"

Wedding Planning and Such!

My lil' sis is getting hitched! Norah and got to go back to MN to celebrate with Kim and Nathan and help with some wedding details. It was so much fun to be able to help out a little and be a part of some of the wedding decisions and celebrations. It was a very fun and crazy week as we had two showers for Kim, did a wedding dress fitting, visited the ceremony/reception site, met with a caterer, hosted part of Kim's new family (they came from WI for one of the showers) and many other fun wedding planning details! Thanks for having us be a part Kim, can't wait for the BIG day!!!!!
Norah and I are getting psyched for our trip... it's a 3am wake up call the day of departure :(
This beautiful barn is where Kim's wedding is - so fun huh?!
"Showering" Kim with prayer as she soon enters into her new role as wife!
Awesome family who we love!
L to R: Jes, Dawn, me, Diane (my Mom), Norah, & Kim
Pick me up! :)
Papa holding his precious granddaughter! LOVE this photo.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


As you can see Norah, Wrigley and I are having a great time in TLF (our temporary living facility) on Fairchild AFB. David is hard at work in his new office and getting to know his coworkers. Since we're living on base until we move into our new home we are learning to rest and play with the same toys over and over again! Also, we had lunch with David yesterday and we're brining him lunch today which I LOVE!! Schriever was so far from home that we actually had lunch together once I think.

As far as a house update... we found one! We were so blessed to find a beautiful place to call home for at least two years. We looked at 15 houses/duplex's and got a great feel for Spokane and it's lay out. The house we found has everything on our wish list and we are so excited to share the pictures of it with you once we get settled. Thanks again for supporting us through prayers, we need them still as we adjust to a new city.

*Also, Norah is 10 months old today! She's like a toddler already pulling herself up to stand and cruising all over the room! LOVE it!*
And this is what mommy gets for using a disposable. Thank you very much :)

Little Friends!

Norah made some great friends in CO. She will miss her little friends and I will miss their mommies very much! Here's some pictures from the past two months of things Norah's done with her cute friends :)
Gymboree play date! (Norah, Makayla & Maren)
Babysitting Fable!
Babysitting Makayla!
Babysitting Bridget!
Tummy time with the girls :)
Maren, Fable, Bridget & Norah

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We made it to Spokane finally! We have had a really crazy last month but... what's new, right? Just thought I'd post a quick update from us as we enter into this crazy week.
We left CO on Friday and arrived here yesterday. Since we got into town yesterday around 1pm we have seen 12 houses! We are very tired and overwhelmed with all of our choices for a new home. We'll be seeing a few more rental properties in the next few days. We'll keep you updated on life as it happens :)


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