Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wedding Planning and Such!

My lil' sis is getting hitched! Norah and got to go back to MN to celebrate with Kim and Nathan and help with some wedding details. It was so much fun to be able to help out a little and be a part of some of the wedding decisions and celebrations. It was a very fun and crazy week as we had two showers for Kim, did a wedding dress fitting, visited the ceremony/reception site, met with a caterer, hosted part of Kim's new family (they came from WI for one of the showers) and many other fun wedding planning details! Thanks for having us be a part Kim, can't wait for the BIG day!!!!!
Norah and I are getting psyched for our trip... it's a 3am wake up call the day of departure :(
This beautiful barn is where Kim's wedding is - so fun huh?!
"Showering" Kim with prayer as she soon enters into her new role as wife!
Awesome family who we love!
L to R: Jes, Dawn, me, Diane (my Mom), Norah, & Kim
Pick me up! :)
Papa holding his precious granddaughter! LOVE this photo.


abby said...

I adore the one with her little arms out to be picked up-what a smiley love!! Wish I could kiss her and hug you!! You rock mama!

Kim said...

Such a fun week that was with you home! Soon you'll be back!! Thanks Kel for all of your help and support! Love you all!


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