Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rockie Mountain High

When you know you'll only live in a city/state for 2 years, it motivates you to take advantage of your surroundings. Knowing we'd only be in the great state of CO for a little time, we tried to take advantage of our time there, despite me being deployed for 25% of the time. Below are some of our favorite outdoor memories from the Rockies:
Red Rock Canyon in Colorado Springs, right after we got Wrigley in 2008.
At the summit of Torrey's Peak - May 2008 Our first hot air balloon ride - Labor Day 2008
Piney Lake (near Vail) - July 2008
Red Rocks Amphitheater before the Sigur Ros concert - Fall 2008
One of many fun days at Keystone -Winter 2009
Mt Culter hike (our favorite in Colorado Springs) - Easter 2010
Norah's first camping trip! Summer 2010
My recent hike up Mt Sherman (approaching the summit) - Summer 2010
Almost there! (My buddy Kristopher)
At the summit--it was extremely windy (at least 60 mph) at 14k feet
My other buddy Dave and myself trying not to fall over.
Goodbye Colorado, we already miss you.

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