Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taking Chance

In the next few days I should be able to post some pictures and updates about my life over here in Baghdad. In the meantime, though, I wanted to recommend a movie a few of us watched the other night here. It is a true story about a fallen Marine being brought back home. It is an extremely humbling movie about the real heroes of this war. Obviously, you can't be in the mood for a light-hearted movie, but I do urge all of you to take an evening to watch it (although, some of you---MOM--may not want to watch it until I get home)!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Snail Mail for David!

Please send David some love through the mail! I know he would appreciate any letters, cards or packages you have time to send him. He's been so encouraged by those of you who have sent him mail so thanks for blessing him!

His mailing address is:

Capt David Blomgren
TF 134 Detainee Operations Legal
APO AE 09348

*You can send him letters with regular postage!
*Do not put "Iraq" anywhere on the letter or package.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Keep on Keepin' On

Well, David's been gone 7 weeks now!  I'm so thankful it's all started and we're 24% of the way through it!  I'm also thinking that as time goes on I'm going to just continue to get busier and busier so time might seem to go faster and faster?!

I'm not sure what I'll do right before BB comes since I have her room pretty much organized and ready!  I am missing some key things but I know those won't take much to put together.  Before David left we put together the crib we bought on Craigslist and decided where all the furniture would go.  Since then, I've organized the closet and made her bed :)  I know I have other details to take care of but those will have to wait.

This coming week will put me into the third trimester!  Wow.  I'm really having a baby - well, you knew that but sometimes it's still like huh really?!  Wow.

I haven't had much to blog about recently.  Just working and resting mostly.  I'm starting to feel much more tired and lethargic.  Pretty soon I'll want to sleep as much as Wrigley does!  Starting this week I have plans almost every week until BB arrives.  It's going to be fun but probably tiring as well!  I'll keep y'all updated on my happenings and hopefully I can convince David to post a blog soon! He's had a lot of change over in the "Sandbox".

Friday, July 17, 2009

6 1/2 Months!

Go Baby go!!!
Here's a pic of my little one growing! I've said from the beginning that the real test is when a stranger finally asks if I'm pregnant.... still waiting!!! I think people are scared to mistake me for a chubby lady :)
Please keep praying for the baby and my health! We are feeling good these days but know there are some achey days ahead. It's hard for me as I am starting to have little struggles like putting my shoes on or picking up Wrigley, bending over is breathless and sometimes hurts! I would totally have David help me with the things that require bending over if he were here. It's hard to ask a friend to come over and fill up my dogs water bowl! Haha.
I am almost to that third trimest and getting more excited by the day to have BB in my arms. I think the Lord made pregnancy the perfect length (I might not say that later) so that you feel emotionally ready after waiting so long and physically ready to be done carrying the little person and extra weight around 24/7.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Tale From the Wife of a Deployed...

One of the many things I hate about having David gone is added chores :)  I mean really it's not that big of a deal but... I hate yard work (besides mowing which can be relaxing to me).  So today I had to suck it up and wack our weeds! Our yard has a few patches of grass but mostly we grow weeds here at the Blomgren household!
I took on the weeds before it got too hot out today and I was feeling pretty confident... until I realized how loud it wacker was!  I was just praying that no one watched me try and start it and then watch me take on the weeds throughout my whole yard!  Haha, I'm sure it was pretty funny though.
I had one "mishap" where the weed waker would not turn off!  I was done with the back yard and the off button was not working.  Thankfully one of my neighbors was outside and I enlisted his assistance.  Mind you, my neighbors like to keep very much to themselves so this was slightly uncomfortable.  But, again God came to the rescue by having someone available for me!
Here's a picture of my legs... the little guard thing on the bottom of the weed wacker really doesn't help that much to protect your legs. It does make you feel like grunting, like 'oh yeah... I'm kinda tough for wacking these weeds'!
Finished the back yard! Go me!
My sweet Wrigs is scared of the weed wacker and wouldn't come out!  So cute!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun Weekends!

Well, I sure have been a busy lady!  I've had company the last few weekends and have been enjoying myself a whole lot!
Two weekends ago David's parents came for a visit.  They flew into the Springs so we could drive to Vail together!  We spent a wonderfully relaxing weekend away from home and enjoy life in the mountains.  It unfortunately rained quite a bit so we had a damp but good time!  I didn't take any pictures but we enjoyed walking around Vail, eating some very delicious Halibut and reading on the couch.  Thank you Blomgrens for the visit and for our time away at the condo!
The following weekend, last weekend, my best friend Polly arrived!  Polly, Aliyah and Karla (Polly's mom) came on Monday and spent time with me during the week!  We had a great time just talking and eating and watching a girly movie.  Karla was very busy though, because she was the mother of the groom yesterday at Lloyd's wedding!  So, it was a fun week with their whole family in town whom I love and adopt as my second family!  I know all of their cousins and cherish any time I can spend with this amazing family.  I lived with them the summer before I was married to David so that helped me to bond with Polly's 6 other siblings!
Not the greatest picture, but the only one I have of the beautiful Bride and handsome Groom!
Congrats Jenny & Lloyd and thanks for a fun day!
Polly, Aliyah (9 months), and Jeremy
At the rehearsal dinner: Me, Cody (Polly's bro), Polly & Jeremy
Beautiful baby girl who I had the privilege of babysitting during some of the wedding events!
Our main hang out place during the week, near the backyard and near all the diaper stuff :)
So, last year Polly & Jeremy came to visit us and Polly was about as far along as I am in her pregnancy.  We took some silly pictures last year so we tried to rein-act them, only this time I'm the prego!!
Here's one of the pictures from last year :)


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