Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Tale From the Wife of a Deployed...

One of the many things I hate about having David gone is added chores :)  I mean really it's not that big of a deal but... I hate yard work (besides mowing which can be relaxing to me).  So today I had to suck it up and wack our weeds! Our yard has a few patches of grass but mostly we grow weeds here at the Blomgren household!
I took on the weeds before it got too hot out today and I was feeling pretty confident... until I realized how loud it wacker was!  I was just praying that no one watched me try and start it and then watch me take on the weeds throughout my whole yard!  Haha, I'm sure it was pretty funny though.
I had one "mishap" where the weed waker would not turn off!  I was done with the back yard and the off button was not working.  Thankfully one of my neighbors was outside and I enlisted his assistance.  Mind you, my neighbors like to keep very much to themselves so this was slightly uncomfortable.  But, again God came to the rescue by having someone available for me!
Here's a picture of my legs... the little guard thing on the bottom of the weed wacker really doesn't help that much to protect your legs. It does make you feel like grunting, like 'oh yeah... I'm kinda tough for wacking these weeds'!
Finished the back yard! Go me!
My sweet Wrigs is scared of the weed wacker and wouldn't come out!  So cute!


Amy said...

way to go, girl! those weeds never stood a chance. :)

Terri said...

Go girl! And that's a huge back yard. I'm impressed :)

b ports said...

ha. you are ridiculous. and great. can't wait to see you guys soon. we're praying for you daily.


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