Saturday, July 25, 2009

Keep on Keepin' On

Well, David's been gone 7 weeks now!  I'm so thankful it's all started and we're 24% of the way through it!  I'm also thinking that as time goes on I'm going to just continue to get busier and busier so time might seem to go faster and faster?!

I'm not sure what I'll do right before BB comes since I have her room pretty much organized and ready!  I am missing some key things but I know those won't take much to put together.  Before David left we put together the crib we bought on Craigslist and decided where all the furniture would go.  Since then, I've organized the closet and made her bed :)  I know I have other details to take care of but those will have to wait.

This coming week will put me into the third trimester!  Wow.  I'm really having a baby - well, you knew that but sometimes it's still like huh really?!  Wow.

I haven't had much to blog about recently.  Just working and resting mostly.  I'm starting to feel much more tired and lethargic.  Pretty soon I'll want to sleep as much as Wrigley does!  Starting this week I have plans almost every week until BB arrives.  It's going to be fun but probably tiring as well!  I'll keep y'all updated on my happenings and hopefully I can convince David to post a blog soon! He's had a lot of change over in the "Sandbox".

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Chris and Kelli said...

Hey Kel! Way to go getting things all ready way in advance. You're right, time is really gonna fly by until she's here. And after she's here you will get to do more laundry so it'll seem like old times. :-) Can't wait to see pics of her. Until then take good care of both of y'all and God bless!



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