Monday, June 29, 2009


Here are some screen shots of my Groundhog's Day:

My office.

At Sadaam's parade field. We went to the cross-swords for a reenlistment ceremony. With me are some of the other attorneys, including my boss. It was 120 degrees when we went there. There is a parade here tomorrow to celebrate our troops leaving the cities.

Outside of my chu. It has a little bit of a carribean feel. At least, that's what I tell myself.

My little corner.

My closet.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

23 Weeks :)

I don't want to be conceded but... my baby bump ROCKS!!!!  My BB is already so perfect, look at her!  :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Update on the Babe.

On Wednesday I had my big ultra sound and it went well! Baby Blom is growing healthy and weighing about 1lb. 4oz.! She is so precious :) The sonographer checked all her organs and the measurements of her legs, arms, abdomen, brain, heart (all four chambers are there and heating strong - 140 beets per min.), head and many more details!

The best thing about the ultra sound was that she yawned! I had no idea you could see a yawn in a regular 2D ultra sound, but you can and it's so awesome! I am so thankful for the little life growing inside and God's goodness in keeping her protected and safe. We already love her so much and she doesn't even have a name!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

22 Weeks!

Well, little BB is 22 weeks old!  She should be about 1 pound today - so amazing :)
She's about 11 inches long and has all her little organs and body parts.  Next week is my detailed ultra sound so we're praying she's as healthy as can be in there!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life in Iraq

I feel like I'm back in college. I get up, go eat as much food as a want at the DEFAC (chow hall), go to work, eat some more, work out, work some more, watch an episode of The Office, come back to my dorm-like trailor, Skype my wife, and go to bed. Not a bad life, actually. In fact, my roommate is playing his xbox as I type. And, I'm banned from drinking alcohol here, too! I guess I didn't have to walk down the street in 110 degree weather with a gun when I was in college, though.

Obviously, I made it safely to Bagdad and the IZ (international zone). I'm getting into a routine and getting settled in...although, it looks like they are moving my office to a different FOB (forward operating base) in the next few weeks. Despite being separated from Kelly (and Wrigs), I'm enjoying my deployed life. Tonight there is a dust storm and it literally tastes like sand everywhere. It's like a dense fog outside...sand was caked to my glasses on my walk home.

I'll keep everyone posted here on any updates...of course, I can't share too much on the blog. Sorry. Thanks again for your prayers...til next time.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Family = HUGE Blessings!

So, I've been wanting to dedicate a post to our families for a while now and I'm so glad I have some recent pictures to share as I do that! God has blessed David and I in the best way possible, through having amazing God fearing parents and supportive and loving siblings. I just wanted to give a shout out to the ones we hold so dear and that will help carry us through this difficult and joyous season of life.
The Moselle's +Nathan :)
Reasons why I love you from left to right...

David: You are so much more than I ever imagined and prayed for in a husband. You support me through your life as you work for our family, as you make light of my silly anxieties, as you help turn my crying into laughing! You are so amazing and I am blessed beyond words to call you mine!

Baby Blom: I can't wait to meet you! God has really has taught me so much about this amazing miracle of life through you! I'm praying for our future relationship to be one of trust, love and friendship. You have already brought me so much joy, thank you.

Aaron: Brother, you are a true friend. I am so thankful for your tender thoughtfulness and loving heart. You have been such a support to me through the years, especially when I've felt really depressed I feel like you were there if I needed/wanted someone to confide in. I admire your hard work and determination and know that God will bless that when you find that job you have been looking for for so long.

Mom: You are an amazing example to me and have shown me so many ways in which I want to be like you. Your serving attitude and selfless nature really challenges me and humbles me. I am thankful for your laughter and your boldness in relationships. Your love for other women inspires me to love more. I respect you and love you so much, I'm so grateful for a wonderful, Godly & generous mom.

Dad: You have been such a leader in our home and I so much appreciate the Christlike example you have always set for our family. You welcome any and all of my friends into your house and I know you have prayed for them too! I have learned to try and let things go by your lighthearted attitude and your fly by the seat of your pantsness :) I love and respect you Dad and I feel the same from you which not all daughters can say. I pray our kids find as much companionship in their father as I have with you.

Kim: You are so wonderful. I hope that I can always honor and respect your individuality. I love that you and I are so different and can find strength through each other's great qualities. You are so dedicated and genuine and soft/tenderhearted. I am so glad God blessed me with a sister that can challenge and teach me things just by you being you! Thank you for your support through all my chaos.

Nathan (Kim's boyfriend :): I am so glad for the times you have been with us! It's been wonderful getting to know the gentleness about you. It's been fun too to see your interest in Kim and for your loves in life (soccer, Kim, film). Your genuineness sticks out to me so much and I truly appreciate the way you ask questions and your desire to know us more. I am excited to get to you know better as time goes on.

Wrigley (not pictured): God has blessed me with the gift of you! I am so thankful for your friendship and the fun times we have together :) Hehe.

The Blomgren's + Colleen... almost a Blomgren!
Reasons why I love you from left to right...

David: You really bring out the best in me and make me a better women. I love the way you pursue your dreams and include me in the process. I love that you encourage me to pursue mine and truly desire for me to be joyful in what I do. Thank you for giving me the space and freedom to test out different things in life and find out what gifts I've been given... I'm still working on that :) I love you!!

Colleen: I pretty much love everything I know about you! I have cherished our talks and getting to know you better. I admire your love for people and the way you make everyone feel like they are the only one in the room. You have this amazing genuine love for others and it is so evident to me and I enjoy being with you so much! I'm so glad you and Steve found each other and that I get to see you at all the future Blomgren events (and more I hope)!

Steve: Oh Steve, You're such a mystery! But, I've known you for almost 8 years so I can see through some of that goofiness by now. I am thankful for your zest in life and that you can make us all laugh. I am so thankful for the strange and wonderful bond you and David have as brothers. And more than that I am so thankful for the way you love people. Your tenderness and awareness of how others are is truly impressive. It's so awesome that you and Colleen both are so supportive and loving of others - no wonder you go so well together!

Chuck: What a wonderful example David has had growing up in your house. Your generosity and Godly humility in success is such a wonderful example to us. I respect you whole heartily as you lead your family in your Swedish ways :) It's obvious that you love and respect Karen and all your kids by the way you have treated me and supported both David and me in our life endeavors thus far. I am so thankful that I feel comfortable to call you when I have a need or my grill is on fire in the back yard! Thank you for being there for us.

Karen: You too have been such an amazing support for both David and I and we love you so much. Thank you for opening up your home to us at any time and willingly sacrificing time and money for your children. Your generosity to the broken kids and families in Rockford has been a shining example to us about sacrifice and love for the lost. I am so thankful for a mother-in-law like you that I can trust and feel safe with. Thank you for welcoming me into your life as another daughter and assuring me I'm always loved.

Kristin: It's so wonderful having two sisters. I'm so glad to have you in my life and in the last year especially I'm thankful that our friendship has had the chance to grow. I respect the way you are so steady and on top of things that you need to get done and accomplish. I see that Blomgren drive in you and it's inspiring. I'm glad that I have another friend in the family I can confide in and talk about the details of life. Thanks for being so thoughtful and really supporting me through some tough times. We enjoy being with you and Keith so much.

Keith: You and I are supposedly so much alike, how can we not love and appreciate each other?! You too have really asked me some great questions and made the effort in getting to know me better through the years. I like your style and I value the conversations we have had one on one. You are just so much fun to be around and I never feel stressed hanging out with you or telling you how I really feel! Thank you for liking me for who I am.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

4 Wonderful Years!

Today we remember and celebrate our 4 year anniversary... at a distance! We are both so thankful for our friendship and marriage. There are so many mushy gushy things I could say but... I'll leave that for a private note to my man :)
This picture is from before the ceremony - we didn't see each other but we took a quick picture while touching hands! I love this one.
I have to say... we look a lot younger and it was only 4 years ago!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Start the Countdown! *Updated

David made it safely to Iraq! Thank you for all your prayers and continued prayers as he gets adjusted. Of course I'll keep you updated on him as best I can.
He's only been there for a few hours but has already interviewed with the Lt Col that will place him in his specific JAG position.
More news on David :) He got his assignment for his job and where he will be living. He will update you on all those details when he's settled but for now keep him in your prayers as he has a convoy late tonight our time. Pray for safety as convoy's can be dangerous.
Please note, he has still not slept for more than few hours since Saturday night! He must be exhausted! Poor hubby.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An Email From David

I made it safely to Qatar. It is now 4:40pm....we got here at 2am, finally in-processed and got some sleep for a few hours from 10am-3pm. I'm pretty sure you guys went to bed twice before I hit the sack. We will meet everynight here to see when we will fly into Baghdad.

It is really hot here. It was 96 when we landed at 2 must be over 110 now. We're staying in these big transient tents....not too much to do here except eat and sleep. So far, the trip has been pretty good.

I accidently brushed my teeth with the water here, so you can pray that I don't get sick. Other than that, everything is good so far. I'll let you know when I get to Baghdad.

Baby Girl's Growth!

One of my favorite things about following a pregnancy is watching the mama to be grow! I am so excited to share with you my belly growth although I know it's not too big yet :)
The above picture is the day we found out we were pregnant! I was about 4 weeks along... little tiny Baby Blom, about .04 inches
In this picture I was 14 weeks pregnant and was just telling everyone about BB! She was about 3.5 inches that week :)
And here I am about 16 weeks - in my head I was really thinking I might be showing... no not really! Baby was about 4.5 inches
And finally the most recent! This last week BB turned 20 weeks and starting to show herself a little bit!! She is now about 6 inches rump to head. From now on we get to measure her from head to toe!

Monday, June 8, 2009

David made it out this morning bright and early.  It was a very tough weekend for us and we are glad to have the ball rolling on his return :)  Of course, the 179 deployment doesn't start until he reaches Iraq so I'm praying for a swift arrival in Iraq.  He potentially will be stuck in Qatar for a few days depending on weather (sand storms etc.).  His international flight out of Baltimore doesn't leave until later tonight so I'm sure he's sitting at the airport terminal trying to pass the time until take off.  Thanks for all your prayers and we covet any continued support and prayers.  We need our friends and family during this time.  I'll keep you as updated on him as I can!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Capt Blomgren is Leaving the County :(

David got his flight details today and we now have specifics on when he is leaving!  He has been working on getting his orders for deployment and his flights arranged for a few weeks now.
He will leave Sunday and will have the following stops:
  • Denver
  • Baltimor
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Qatar
  • And finally Iraq!
Please pray specifically for a few things:
  1. Safety during travel and once he's in the desert
  2. Opportunities to share his faith in Iraq
  3. Enjoyment and fulfillment during his work with international law
  4. Emotions as we head into this next stage of life
  5. Strength and a positive attitude in our separation
  6. Continued trust that God's plan is way better than ours!  I am so thrilled that we can truly and fully believe that it is :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Flutters of BB

They say it feels like gas and... I think they're right! I felt Baby Blom move for the first time May 18th, at almost 19 weeks along. It was a very prominent movement. I immediately emailed David (we were both at work) and said "maybe just maybe I felt Baby move!!!!" And I was right! It's so amazing and slightly weird to feel this living being wiggling around in your tummy.

The few weeks before I felt BB I was praying that God would bless me and David to let him feel the baby before he left. Because of the placement of the placenta David has felt the baby move several times! What a blessing for him to have this connection before he leaves and for me to have him to share that with. God has been so good to us during this difficult time and I know He will continue to be. Praise God for the miracle of life!

Cubs Game

My wonderful parents took Kelly, my future sister-in-law Colleen, and me to a Cubs game while we were back in IL. Despite the Cubs losing their 8th game in a row, it was a very enjoyable experience, especially considering the great seats about 12 rows behind home plate! We went on Memorial Day and I was able to soak up some of Wrigley before heading over to the desert.

Baby Blomgren's a Girl!!!


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