Friday, June 5, 2009

Capt Blomgren is Leaving the County :(

David got his flight details today and we now have specifics on when he is leaving!  He has been working on getting his orders for deployment and his flights arranged for a few weeks now.
He will leave Sunday and will have the following stops:
  • Denver
  • Baltimor
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Qatar
  • And finally Iraq!
Please pray specifically for a few things:
  1. Safety during travel and once he's in the desert
  2. Opportunities to share his faith in Iraq
  3. Enjoyment and fulfillment during his work with international law
  4. Emotions as we head into this next stage of life
  5. Strength and a positive attitude in our separation
  6. Continued trust that God's plan is way better than ours!  I am so thrilled that we can truly and fully believe that it is :)


Eryn said...

Kelly...I am praying for you and David often. I can only imagine the emotions that are coming with saying goodbye, especially as you enter this exciting season of growing your family. Praying for God's comfort for you both, and many blessings during your time apart.

Much love to you guys! Eryn

Terri said...

I'll pray for you guys, Kelly and David. Kelly, I'm going to call you on Sunday. Love you, girl!

Anonymous said...

Dear David and Kelly,

We are so proud of your attitude and sacrifice involved in serving our nation. David, we will pray faithfully for your safety and strength while you serve in Iraq. Kelly, we will pray for your health and the health of our little grandchild and that you will find strength from the Lord as you are apart. May God bless you richly as you go through this journey together. Love, Mom and Dad B.

katie said...

yikes! that's quite a trip to get to Iraq! safe travels david - see you in a few months. know that there are tons of people praying for you guys! god will get you thru this.

Stephanie said...

David, we'll definitely be praying for you. Thank you for serving our country. We'll take good care of Kelly for you!



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