Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Flutters of BB

They say it feels like gas and... I think they're right! I felt Baby Blom move for the first time May 18th, at almost 19 weeks along. It was a very prominent movement. I immediately emailed David (we were both at work) and said "maybe just maybe I felt Baby move!!!!" And I was right! It's so amazing and slightly weird to feel this living being wiggling around in your tummy.

The few weeks before I felt BB I was praying that God would bless me and David to let him feel the baby before he left. Because of the placement of the placenta David has felt the baby move several times! What a blessing for him to have this connection before he leaves and for me to have him to share that with. God has been so good to us during this difficult time and I know He will continue to be. Praise God for the miracle of life!


Terri said...

That is so awesome, Kel. I'm really glad that David got to feel Baby move!

Peter and Bethany said...

What a special moment for the two of you! It is so comforting to feel the little one move I think!


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