Saturday, January 30, 2010

Norah Talks

Norah has found her voice!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Updates

Yesterday's Morning:
Things are happening quickly at the Hotel Montana today, but we are told it is chaotic with multiple teams and no one in charge. For days we have been trying to get answers from the State Department as to who is in charge of this operation as well as specific information about David, but we still don’t have answers. The teams are not stopping to listen for signs of life today nor are they searching the area where David was last seen (they are still taking rubble off the top of the lobby). Congressman Lamborn and others are working on behalf of David and Renee right now to get answers, trying to get a timeline for us and find out why they are not searching the area where they found the tripod. Please pray for organization and communication and that these teams will stop and search for signs of life where David was last seen.
Yesterday evening:
We are clearing rubble but still checking all possible voids. Wish we could get a void into the bottom building is such a mess. Please pray that the teams find a void into the basement of the lobby. Please pray that God would bless and guide these teams who have been working so hard to find survivors. Please continue to pray for a miracle.
And from today:
Hebrews 11 tells us that God may not give us a miracle (because He has greater purposes), but God’s Word never tells us to stop believing and praying for one. We believe, by faith, that David could still be alive, and we are continuing the fight for his rescue in a very focused way. Please pray for favor today and specifically that the workers on site will search for signs of life in the area where David’s tripod was found.
From Kelly:
Of course we are praying for David to be found but I've also been pressed by the Lord to remind you all to not forget all the other people still missing as well as all the families that have had loss . I don't want to be so selfish to only care for the person we are connected to, there are so many more hurting people and families to be supporting. The country of Haiti needs our help both financially and prayerfully! Thanks y'all.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update & Prayer Request

Tomorrow marks two weeks since the earthquake struck Port-au-Prince. At 10 a.m. MT/Noon ET, Renee has asked all of us, around the world, to stop and ask God in community to bring David back to us.
Psalm 33 reads, “The best-equipped army cannot save a king, nor is great strength enough to save a warrior…But the Lord watc...hes over those who fear him, those who rely on his unfailing love. He rescues them from death and keeps them alive in times of famine.” Please join us tonight and tomorrow, pleading with God to sustain and rescue David Hames.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Keeping Hope Alive!

Again, God is in control and we pray for His hand on the rescue workers and those still trapped in Haiti!

Here's the latest on our friend from church:
His wife just finished a call with the State Department. There are six US rescue teams on site at the Hotel Montana, and they are in "full mode," continuing to look for what they call "accessible voids" and signs of life. There are seventeen Americans still missing at the hotel. Please pray for these rescue teams tonight w...ho are working so hard--for guidance and strength. At this point, there are no additional signs of life, but we were told that people have been known to survive 14 days in these situations. Please continue to pray!

And then, two minutes later we saw this:
They are now working inside the lobby where David was last seen. Making holes in the cement and clearing rubble. Searching for life as they go. Come on, David!!

And finally, here is a news clip from Fox specifically on Hotel Montana and the rescue operation there. Thanks for your prayers!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lunch = Yummy

Here's a pic of me and my girl today :)
And... I'd like to thank the good Lord for good food! The last few days I've had the same thing as part of my dinner and lunch and it's oh so yummy! Here's my salad with the following yumminess on it: cottage cheese, feta, celery, green, red & yellow peppers, black beans, avacado, cashews, cucumbers and balsamic vinaigrette!

Hope is Still Alive!

The faith has increased at our church as we continue to pray for the rescue of David Hames! God knows whether David is alive or dead, we are just called to trust God's plan and continue to pray for a miracle! Here's a video from a local t.v. station that covered his story last night. Please keep praying... we're waiting for some good news today!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One of THOSE Moms

This morning I was on the couch "chatting" with Norah just as we do throughout the day... and as I'm talking to her I'm telling her how much I'm going to miss her when she's not around and when she goes to school and then when she moves out and I find myself crying! First of all, why am I thinking that far ahead? Second, am I still hormonal or is it just my silly personality!?

I've thought so many times about how it will be hard when Norah is at the stage where she pushes me away or sasses back and hurts my feelings. During those times I always pray that I'm not "one of those moms" who cries through every little thing... but I might just be that mom! Lord, give me the strength to love Norah unconditionally and think of her before myself, even if it means I am emotional :)

Please Pray


David Hames, a member of our church here is Colorado Springs, is still unaccounted for in Haiti. He was with Compassion International in Haiti working on a film. His co-worker, Dan Woolley, was with him and has been rescued--they were staying at Hotel Montana. Please pray with us for a miracle!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Bath Time

Norah really loves her bath time and usually screams when it's over! This past week after her bath she was calm and comfortable so I thought I would snap a few cute pics of my chubby baby! She's 3 months & 3 weeks old already!

New Years in IL!

After a few days in MN we headed over to IL to celebrate a little belated Christmas and some new years! We had a wonderful time in IL seeing many friends and family and showing Norah off to all. She was a big hit of course and handled all the love and attention very well :)
David and I used the grandparents for a little time away, they babysat and we went out with some friends and each other. We were so grateful to have time together and this was one of the first times we left Norah for an extended period of time! It was rather relaxing!
We were able to relax and take it easy during most days. Here's a picture of my loves relaxin' on the couch!
Norah of course had the BIGGEST stocking and so we thought it would be cute to stick her in it. She thought it was pretty funny too :)
We were able to make a few appearances at Steve & Colleen's wedding with the life size cut out above. It was pretty funny to see this in person. What a cleaver idea!
We were so thankful that Disko & Joy were able to come and visit us in Rockford. We cherish any time we can snatch with them and love them so much!
We also got to visit with Tanner for a while. David and Tanner are good friends from high school, he was in our wedding and just love any time we can get with him. He's been living in China for a few years and moved back there on the first of the year to start a new job in Beijing.
A cute pic of Daddy & daughter
A snap shot of all the girls on new years eve! (Kristin, Norah, Colleen, Me & Karen)

Happy new year!!
Steve & Colleen.. the newly weds :)
Kristin & Keith
After 11 days on the road we headed back to CO. We decided to take the road trip home in two days since it was quite long. We stopped in Omaha, NE for a night of rest and stayed at Offut AFB. Here's a picture of David holding Norah football style!

What a wonderful time we had with the Blomgren's in IL. We are so grateful to have such awesome families who love us and want to spend time with us. Thank you to everyone for stopping by to see us and taking time to hear about David's deployment, life with Norah and other random details.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas in MN!

We got home from CA and had one day to do some laundry and pack up the car for our drive to the Midwest! We drove from CO to MN in one day and it took about 17 hours, including our stops, to get Norah fed and changed. She was such a trooper this entire month, we couldn't have asked for a better behaved little baby girl.

At one of the gas stations I was in the car feeding Norah and then we pulled over to a parking spot to change her. I was changing her on my lap and I was literally thinking... one of these times she's going to pee on me!... low and behold, it happened seconds later. Not only did she pee once, but TWICE! Little stinker. So I quick got a snap shot of this little child's pee. SO much! Of course I took my pants off (right there in the car) and a man walks up to David's window (thankfully it wasn't mine) and asks if everything is okay since we had been parked there for a while. Norah was still on my lap since I was finishing changing her but I clearly had NO PANTS ON! Oh such funny things come out of being parents :)
We were pretty busy in MN but SO many fun things happened! The first full day we were there the boys hit up the Wild game! They were getting themselves pumped for some cheering in the nose bleeds. (AJ, David, Dad & Nathan)
Us girls got to see the Schlee girls! (Jes, Dawn, Joy & Ky) It was fun to hear more about their memories of Norah's birth and things I said or happened that I didn't remember.
(Kim, Nana, Norah & Me)
My Grandma got to meet Norah for the first time! It was fun to watch her hold Norah and just stare at her.
We LOVED the snow that came when we were there. We miss the beautiful Midwest snow and the way they know how to take care of the roads!
The day after Christmas we celebrated with my mom's family. Each year we celebrate by cooking food from another country and learning about traditions etc of the country. This year we did Korea. The food was delicious and the company even better. Above is my mom and two of her three brothers, Dale & Dean!
A snap shot of the food!
First Christmas as a family of three!
*Note the pearls on my neck are from the hubs! Thanks Baby!*
Way cute pic of Kim & Nors
The 27th we celebrated with my dad's family at my grandmas. The tradition here is we order a TON of Chinese take out food and eat at my Grandma's house and talk and play games all day long! This year we did a hot seat type of a thing where each person was in front of the rest and told high lights of the past year and everyone else could grill them with questions. It was really awesome to hear more details of my cousins and aunts and uncles lives. We missed you Josh, Kristin & Michael & Michelle.
Even though my mom's head is cut off this is the best family pic I have! Norah was a bit overwhelmed with seeing SO many people the last few days so she needed mom or dad and then she just snoozed.
We had a WONDERFUL time in MN. Thank you to everyone we saw and everyone who changed their schedules to we could make the celebrations. We are so truly blessed by the Moselle & Malley family. Love y'all!


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