Saturday, January 23, 2010

Keeping Hope Alive!

Again, God is in control and we pray for His hand on the rescue workers and those still trapped in Haiti!

Here's the latest on our friend from church:
His wife just finished a call with the State Department. There are six US rescue teams on site at the Hotel Montana, and they are in "full mode," continuing to look for what they call "accessible voids" and signs of life. There are seventeen Americans still missing at the hotel. Please pray for these rescue teams tonight w...ho are working so hard--for guidance and strength. At this point, there are no additional signs of life, but we were told that people have been known to survive 14 days in these situations. Please continue to pray!

And then, two minutes later we saw this:
They are now working inside the lobby where David was last seen. Making holes in the cement and clearing rubble. Searching for life as they go. Come on, David!!

And finally, here is a news clip from Fox specifically on Hotel Montana and the rescue operation there. Thanks for your prayers!

1 comment:

SaraBethJ said...

I can't believe how long the wait has been. I have been glued to reports for over a week. I continue to pray, even waking up in the night and begging for God to return him to his family. Please keep me posted if you hear anything.


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