Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Updates

Yesterday's Morning:
Things are happening quickly at the Hotel Montana today, but we are told it is chaotic with multiple teams and no one in charge. For days we have been trying to get answers from the State Department as to who is in charge of this operation as well as specific information about David, but we still don’t have answers. The teams are not stopping to listen for signs of life today nor are they searching the area where David was last seen (they are still taking rubble off the top of the lobby). Congressman Lamborn and others are working on behalf of David and Renee right now to get answers, trying to get a timeline for us and find out why they are not searching the area where they found the tripod. Please pray for organization and communication and that these teams will stop and search for signs of life where David was last seen.
Yesterday evening:
We are clearing rubble but still checking all possible voids. Wish we could get a void into the bottom building is such a mess. Please pray that the teams find a void into the basement of the lobby. Please pray that God would bless and guide these teams who have been working so hard to find survivors. Please continue to pray for a miracle.
And from today:
Hebrews 11 tells us that God may not give us a miracle (because He has greater purposes), but God’s Word never tells us to stop believing and praying for one. We believe, by faith, that David could still be alive, and we are continuing the fight for his rescue in a very focused way. Please pray for favor today and specifically that the workers on site will search for signs of life in the area where David’s tripod was found.
From Kelly:
Of course we are praying for David to be found but I've also been pressed by the Lord to remind you all to not forget all the other people still missing as well as all the families that have had loss . I don't want to be so selfish to only care for the person we are connected to, there are so many more hurting people and families to be supporting. The country of Haiti needs our help both financially and prayerfully! Thanks y'all.

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