Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Please Pray


David Hames, a member of our church here is Colorado Springs, is still unaccounted for in Haiti. He was with Compassion International in Haiti working on a film. His co-worker, Dan Woolley, was with him and has been rescued--they were staying at Hotel Montana. Please pray with us for a miracle!


Grace said...

Will send prayers that he is found safe.It is a traggic act of nature but we can pray that everyone gets accounted for.

Eryn said...

wow. I WILL be praying.

I've been following this gals blog for awhile, adoption related, and she was in Haiti visiting her soon to be adopted son when the quake hit. She's home safe now, and desperately trying to get thier son into the US on humanitarian parole visa. It's crazy crazy stuff. (

Praying with you!


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