Friday, May 30, 2008

Posting comments

Hey Everyone,  We have had some problems with you all being able to post comments on the blog!  I changed some settings and now everyone should be able to post a comment.  I will approve the comment and once it's approved it will show up on the blog!  Hope it works now.
Have a blessed day!
P.S.  I won't be approving anything from anonymous no ones!  Thanks.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Family Member!!!

Well, Kelly and I bought a dog last night! We are extremely happy. He is a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and an American Eskimo. He is very cute and will most likely grow to about 20 pounds. He is very calm but also quite playful. We think that he'll be a great fit into the Blomgren family. His name is still up in the air, but we are leaning towards Wrigley. Here are some pics from his first day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So Many Blessings!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  We were so blessed to have been able to visit Minnesota for the long weekend.  It was a blessed time that we got to see both families!

Friday we drove from the airport straight to Bethel to see Kristin (David's sister) get pinned for nursing school.  We celebrated that evening her great accomplishments!

The next day we were able to see all of my wonderful grandparents before we headed to more graduation celebrations.  In the afternoon we went to the official Bethel graduation and out to eat with the Blomgren clan!

Sunday we were able to visit the church we attended while in MN and just spend some time with my family.  We went out to a very nice dinner to celebrate my brother Aaron's graduation too!!!

I thought the weekend brought us so much peace, it was relaxing.  It's just so wonderful to be surrounded by people who love you and you love.  We will be missing our families while we are living away and it was such a huge blessing to be with both of them and to celebrate our siblings accomplishments.  Congrats graduates!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Settled in... finally.

First, here is a picture of the building David works in. He's standing to the left of the photographer so you can't see him! - Just kidding -
Yesterday we were able to walk around the Garden of the Gods

Here I am blogging to you from our loft.

View of the living room from the stairs. The front door is at the bottom of the stairs.

This room is waiting for you to sleep in it! Come visit!

Living room and loft is above.

Kitchen/dinning room.

Our storage in the basement with all our camping gear!

Gotta love the gas fireplace!

Our room

See above.

Oh, and my new car, with Pike's Peak in the back. Had to throw that in there for your viewing pleasure!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Picture update!

The view from here of Pike's Peak... and our back yard.
Our new home!
We're here!!!  Drew & Disko, we took this in your memory & honor.
I'm a trader.
Brandon & Mary in SC with us at a Cock's game.
Right after David's JASOC graduation.
At the dinning out.
David & the grog (see below post for a hilarious story!)

Friday, May 9, 2008

I can see Pike's Peak from where I'm sitting :-)

I'm waiting for David to come home from his first official day at the office!  He's been to work two days but did not officially start until today!  When he gets home we can hook up the camera and update you with pictures (he knows where the cord to the camera is!).

Like we posted previously, we found a great house and have been busy little bees getting unpacked and reorganized!  We also got our first bedroom set and our own iMac!!!!  Here are some pictures for your entertainment.

Also, we just got hooked up to the internet today so if you've emailed recently we will write you back soon!  Here's our new address to the home we already LOVE:
7452 Allens Park Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80922

We are soooo excited!!!
I better got make my husband dinner so it's ready when he gets home from his first day!

Monday, May 5, 2008


After 4 days of driving, we made it safely to Colorado!!! We've been here almost 6 days now. It's beautiful! Pikes Peak looms over the entire's much better than the cornfields we're used to! We basically spent our first few days looking for a place to live...and we found the perfect place! We are renting a home that we love so far. We'll post pictures as soon as we get moved it. Stay tuned for updates.


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