Monday, May 19, 2008

Settled in... finally.

First, here is a picture of the building David works in. He's standing to the left of the photographer so you can't see him! - Just kidding -
Yesterday we were able to walk around the Garden of the Gods

Here I am blogging to you from our loft.

View of the living room from the stairs. The front door is at the bottom of the stairs.

This room is waiting for you to sleep in it! Come visit!

Living room and loft is above.

Kitchen/dinning room.

Our storage in the basement with all our camping gear!

Gotta love the gas fireplace!

Our room

See above.

Oh, and my new car, with Pike's Peak in the back. Had to throw that in there for your viewing pleasure!


Tiffany said...

your new car is hottttttt! Your house is pretty hot too...guess we need to come visit!

Kim said...

Girl! LOve they pictures!! Thanks for putting those up so we can see what it looks like! Mom is coming in like 2 hours wish you were coming too! LOVe you!

Stephen Becker said...

It looks so nice! Can't wait to sleep in that guest bedroom and ride around in the Jeep!!!

andrew said...

Your place looks awesome!!! Courtney and I will definitely have to make a trip out to see you guys... it's been forever since we last saw you guys. Glad you're settled in. :)

ashley said...

so fun!!! did you guys buy or are you renting?

David & Bethany said... looks so great and makes me so lonesome for Colorado! I am so, so happy for you! Maybe on our next trip to Steamboat we can stop by and say "HI"!!!! ;)

Christine said...



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