Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Christmas in February!

This past week, Kelly and I had the privilege of celebrating Christmas with the Moselles here in Colorado (albeit, a little late). It was great to all be together to relax, ski, and laugh. We spent two night in Keystone and managed to hit the slopes 3 days. We also had warm enough weather to hike for about 3 hours. Needless to say, it was sad to say goodbye as they drove back to MN. Here are some pictures from the week.
Right before the first chairlift of the week.
Blocking the sun to catch a glimpse of the bighorn sheep (no, we were not posing)
Kelly and Kim taking a break.
Aaron, myself, and Kim on a large rock.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We have been so blessed over and over here in Colorado!  While we don't mean to brag... we must :-)  During David's JAG training he met Captain Porter (pictured above with his beautiful bride Mary).  God was really thinking when he brought the two of them together.  I believe both men have been challenged and blessed through their friendship.  If you recall David and I drove to South Carolina with Brandon to meet Mary and celebrate their engagement with family!  We instantly loved her too!
Needless to say we love them both and appreciate having them in our lives.  They have flown out to CO two times already this year!  They came to enjoy the mountains and snowboard and us!  Both weekends we stayed in Keystone and skied/snowboarded as much as possible.
Here we are happy after two full ski days!
Brandon & I have birthday's right in a row so we celebrated with a cookie cake!  Thanks Mair!
Being silly in a ski shop!

Here are the adventurous spouses - aka the spouses that think they have something to prove?
We had an amazing hot tub that we enjoyed and these two crazy goons decided to make it more memorable by sitting in the snow!
A beautiful day to ski the back bowls!
What a hunk!
Me loving my comfy ski outfit!
Oh yeah!  Mary broke her arm! :-(  She was so tough... she thankfully broke it on the last run of the day toward the bottom of the run.  She was in so much pain and was super awesome about it all.  The picture above shows a little bit of the crazy things that happened the second weekend - Mary broke her arm, I got too excited about something on the t.v. and spilt my drink all over her, David got very sick during the night and ended up throwing up (a lot), I came home with a nasty cold and Brandon had to endure all that!
Thanks for reading about our adventures with the Porters!  We hope you had a memorable weekend too!

CatRat Dog

I blame this post solely on Petsmart and their grooming inabilities.
The picture above is of Wrigley Sunday evening.  He looks and was very exhausted!  He spent the weekend with his best friend Baily and was totally wiped out!  The picture is to show you how he looked before...
his haircut!  The picture above and below are from a few minutes ago.  He's my catrat dog.  Petsmart groomers totally butchered his hair and made him look soooo bad!
I am really disappointed in Petsmart.  First, I scheduled the appointment for yesterday - they overbooked and I had to bring him home and come back tonight.  Second, they cut his hair SO short.  Third, they cut it very unevenly and if you could see up close you could tell they just were not detailed.  Third, they made him bleed (just like last time)!  
Last time I brought him to Petsmart I wasn't very happy with his hair cut(or the bleeding) but I thought I would give them a second chance... that was a bad idea.  I'm just really upset that he looks like a freak and that I had to pay money for it!
One more thing, the girl told me that since Wrigley is so thin next time they should probably use a SHORTER blade to cut his hair so it would look more even.  Huh?
Does anyone have a similar story to make me feel better?  I am a little nervous for David to come home from TDY to see his baby all catratty!


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