Friday, April 25, 2008

Visit to South Carolina

Since we found out we were going to be staying in AL another week we were free to enjoy last weekend before of moving!

One of David's good friends, Brandon, from JASOC invited us to join him at his home town in Columbia, SC. We drove there with him and had a great weekend meeting his parents and his fiancee! We had amazing home cooked food southern style!

Some of the great foods we enjoyed were... a pig picking right off the carcass, baked yellow squash, collard greens, and banana pudding! Yum yum!

We loved visiting Brandon's family and had a really great time with them. Thanks for having us, we really enjoyed SC.

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David & Bethany said...

Hey guys! I wanted you to know that I put up a new recipe on the of our favorites! Hope you both are doing well! :) Love, Bethany


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