Monday, April 14, 2008

Kelly's in town!

So many wonderful things have happened since our last real update! David was privileged enough to be sent to Washington, DC to meet some higher up JAG officers and meet his future boss. He has had his last lecture for JASOC and has been preparing for a mock court-martial trial which he will present all day tomorrow. He will graduate from JASOC on Friday afternoon and we will move him off of Maxwell and right into another hotel in downtown Montgomery. David found out last week that he has to stay in Alabama another week for part of the JAG program of continuing education. This is a great thing that they implement into the program for JAGs and it’s also very smart of them to send David straight from JASOC to this class to save the government money. The only downfall is we have to wait another week to get to CO! We can handle the wait though.

On Saturday afternoon David welcomed me to Montgomery with flowers in his hand! A little over a week ago I finished working at Ryder, said goodbyes to friends and family and packed up the rest of our stuff in MN. The last month was so much fun for me getting to catch up with Kim and closing out my life in MN and moving out of my parent’s house again! I’m so thankful to be here at Maxwell to start to understand David’s life in the AF. I definitely feel like I am visiting David at his college where no one knows me and they only know about me. It’s like I’m an outsider at this point because I don’t know anything military and I don’t know really any of David’s close friends. I am still positive that this will all come in time and I know once we get to CO things will change a lot since we will both basically be new. It’s really fun to catch up with David on life and his activities here. Yesterday I got to go to his church here and out to lunch with a group of his friends and then a group of us played volleyball! I am glad I brought a few books with because I am clearly stuck here with no ID card yet but I am not complaining! I am happy to do David’s laundry, clean his room, make his lunch, watch TV and read!

On Thursday night there is a dinning out (a formal dinner where civilians can come) to celebrate JASOC graduation. And Friday after graduation we are going to South Carolina with one of David’s friends to celebrate his engagement and to meet his fiancĂ©! I’ll try to update next week at some point before we leave for CO but I’m not sure what internet access we will have. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us in prayer and encouragement as we have been apart, those 13weeks are over and we can move on!

Please don’t send any more mail to Montgomery as we do not know if David will have a mail box next week. We do not have a mailing address yet because we have not found a place to live in CO, we will keep you updated! Thank you loved ones, we love you too!

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Stephen Becker said...


Blom, I was going through some old pictures today as I began packing. I found the ones from St. Paddy's in Vail. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.


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