adoption timeline.

Application: August 19th, 2010
Referral: March 11, 2011
Home: August 30, 2011
Finalize: September 16, 2011
377 days from application to home!
  • 2001 We met and fell in love. God started a desire to love orphans through adoption during our mission trip to Nepal.
  • 2005 We got hitched!
  • 2009 Norah was born through birth and the desire to grow our family through adoption continued to evolve.
  • 2010
    • June - Discussed in depth the timing and birth order issues surrounding our future adoption
    • July - We both felt God was nudging us toward adoption as our next step in our family growth
    • August - Did a lot of research and decided to apply to WACAP
    • September - Homestudy visit with the social worker and lots of paperwork!
    • October 21st - Homestudy approved!
    • November 2nd - On the wait list for our little one(s) to be matched with our family (we were about #30 on the list)!
    • November 21st - Show Hope grant application completed and mailed
  • 2011
    • January 24th - I600A form mailed to the Department of Homeland Security
      • This form is an application for advance processing of orphan petition (I600).  It helps speed the process of the U.S. government officially deeming us eligible for international adoption and will later help speed up the immigration process once we know who our baby(s) are!
    • January 24th - Lifesong for Orphans loan application completed and mailed (in March we found out we did not get the loan)
    • March 3rd - Received an email with a snippet of Sweet Pea's profile, we requested more about her!
    • March 4th - Finger print appointments, booyah!
      • 8th - Got Sweet Pea's information packet over email with pictures and her history
      • 11th - Officially told our agency we were ready to move forward with brining our daughter home!
      • 12th - Told our families :)
      • 14th - Heard the official word from Holt in S.Korea that Sweet Pea is officially waiting to come home and they filed for her immigration paperwork to be started!!
      • 14th - Got a letter from Show Hope informing us that we would be receiving a grant!  Hallelujah, if this isn't confirmation that we are following God's will in this process what is?!
      • 18th - Received official referral package in the mail
      • 21st - Sent back all referral documents, signed and notarized!
      • 21st - Sent in Abba Fund application for a no interest loan
    • April 7th - Agency filed for I600 (petition to classify orphan as an immediate family member!) through the USCIS office.
      • 29th - I600 approved!
    • May 20th - Emigrant Permit submitted in Korea
    • June
      • Officially announced Sweet Pea's new first name, Evelyn!
    • August 4th - Visa medical appointment
      • 10th - Emigrant Permit approved!
      • 19th - David left Germany to head to the states
      • 22nd - Kelly left Spokane to Seattle to meet up with David!!!
      • 23rd - flight to Seoul!
      • 26th - Visa interview & met Evelyn for the first time (HAPPY DAY!!!)
      • 29th - Visa approved, Placement & gotcha day!!
      • 30th - Arrive back in Spokane after 40 hours of travel - phew!
      • 31st - 1st post placement visit from social worker
    • September 8th - David heads back to Germany
      • 16th - Adoption day / Forever family day / court date!!!!
      • 23rd - Kelly, Norah & Evelyn move to Germany (with a stop in Denver to get Evelyn's passport!)


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