Sunday, February 8, 2009

John Piper - Be Courageous, President Barack Obama


Terri said...

I didn't know that I didn't like Piper until this. I've heard great things about him. And I agree with much of what he said. Except the whole thing about illegalizing abortion. I'm terrible at putting my thoughts into words, and while this post doens't say everything, it says a lot that I agree with. Just something to think about on the other side. You know, Devil's advocate and all that :) Hope it doesn't offend you.

Also, if abortion were to become illegal than it is my opinion that so should be the death penalty and war. Killing is killing.

Blomgren2 said...


I have to disagree with you and the author of the blog you referenced. First of all, "killing is killing" is not really accurate. I agree with you that the death penalty should be abolished; however, you can't honestly say the the inmate who killed 10 children should be held to the same standard/guilt/etc than the person who injects the inmate with barbiturate. Further, war can never be illegalized, for too many reasons (ie, anarchy would ensue, war is just in certain circumstance - ask a holocaust victim, etc). But, in reality, you've somewhat contradicted yourself by saying "killing is killing."

It is my opinion that abortion is killing. Abortion allows a mother to make a choice to end the life of another - the fact that this is legal in our county is absurd. The author of your blog said, "no one can write a law that would keep anyone from doing what they really want to do." Really? I want to speed, but I can't. I don't want to pay taxes, but I have to. This is an extremely weak argument...laws are created all the time that are intrusive to our lives.

There are hundreds of arguments for why abortion should be illegal, but it all comes down to one central argument: God intended for a child to be born after conception; to give someone the "right" to play God is sad.

I do agree that we need to love those that have abortions or get pregnant out of wedlock. However, that doesn't mean we should support a concept that kills babies.


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