Wednesday, February 4, 2009

CatRat Dog

I blame this post solely on Petsmart and their grooming inabilities.
The picture above is of Wrigley Sunday evening.  He looks and was very exhausted!  He spent the weekend with his best friend Baily and was totally wiped out!  The picture is to show you how he looked before...
his haircut!  The picture above and below are from a few minutes ago.  He's my catrat dog.  Petsmart groomers totally butchered his hair and made him look soooo bad!
I am really disappointed in Petsmart.  First, I scheduled the appointment for yesterday - they overbooked and I had to bring him home and come back tonight.  Second, they cut his hair SO short.  Third, they cut it very unevenly and if you could see up close you could tell they just were not detailed.  Third, they made him bleed (just like last time)!  
Last time I brought him to Petsmart I wasn't very happy with his hair cut(or the bleeding) but I thought I would give them a second chance... that was a bad idea.  I'm just really upset that he looks like a freak and that I had to pay money for it!
One more thing, the girl told me that since Wrigley is so thin next time they should probably use a SHORTER blade to cut his hair so it would look more even.  Huh?
Does anyone have a similar story to make me feel better?  I am a little nervous for David to come home from TDY to see his baby all catratty!


Kim said...

He is still cute Kel! Love Wrigs! Although yes I can tell they did a bad job on his haircut! Love you and can't wait to see you soon!

Terri said...

Kim is right, he IS still cute. And his hair will grow back. But don't let them make him bleed ever again!

chuck and karen said...

We feel badly that our little grandog was scalped. He is still awfully cute and we love him! Love, Chuck and Karen


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