Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kelly Day.

For my birthday celebration David planned a day together!  We had an amazing day and enjoyed our time together.  We got up and went out for breakfast at The Egg and I – yummm.  Then we stopped by Hobby Lobby cause I love that store and I picked up some fun yarn to make something with!

We then went home and took Wrigley on a walk.  It was almost 60 degrees out and we just wanted to soak up the great weather!  We watched a little bit of American Idol and then headed out to lunch at a fancy restaurant called The Plate!  We felt rich (but we used a coupon of course)!!

After that we stopped by the Western Warehouse, another place I like because I can dream about how I wish I was a real cowgirl.  David bought me a cowgirl shirt and I love it.  Then we stopped by Pier 1 Imports to check out their sale items and I walked out with a new scarf.

After that we headed to the theater and watched Yes Man!  We both thought it was very funny and laughed out loud.  There are some crude jokes that could have been deleted but otherwise it was good.

David had set up a Raindrop therapy massage for me but we decided to cancel it and just continue our lovely day together!  We headed home so David could work a little and I spent some quite time reading.  After that we had pizza and popcorn and watched a few of our favorite shows! 

What a wonderful day together.  Thanks David for all your thoughtfulness, I love you again and again!


Anonymous said...


I sure am glad you had such a great day together. It sounded like a perfect day. We are so happy that you two are enjoying each other and happy to be in Colorado. Love, Chuck and Karen

Kim said...

Glad you two had fun:) Good job David! Love you both! SEe you in 12 days!!


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