Friday, May 9, 2008

I can see Pike's Peak from where I'm sitting :-)

I'm waiting for David to come home from his first official day at the office!  He's been to work two days but did not officially start until today!  When he gets home we can hook up the camera and update you with pictures (he knows where the cord to the camera is!).

Like we posted previously, we found a great house and have been busy little bees getting unpacked and reorganized!  We also got our first bedroom set and our own iMac!!!!  Here are some pictures for your entertainment.

Also, we just got hooked up to the internet today so if you've emailed recently we will write you back soon!  Here's our new address to the home we already LOVE:
7452 Allens Park Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80922

We are soooo excited!!!
I better got make my husband dinner so it's ready when he gets home from his first day!


Stephen Becker said...

kelly, you clearly have too much time on your hands when you're at home and david's at work.

Kim said...

Love it!

David & Bethany said...

I love it! Congrats on your first house? Where are you in Colo. Springs? I can't tell from the address?....but at any rate, I'm SO happy for you!
P.S. I posted a new crock pot recipe for you! ;)


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