Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas in MN!

We got home from CA and had one day to do some laundry and pack up the car for our drive to the Midwest! We drove from CO to MN in one day and it took about 17 hours, including our stops, to get Norah fed and changed. She was such a trooper this entire month, we couldn't have asked for a better behaved little baby girl.

At one of the gas stations I was in the car feeding Norah and then we pulled over to a parking spot to change her. I was changing her on my lap and I was literally thinking... one of these times she's going to pee on me!... low and behold, it happened seconds later. Not only did she pee once, but TWICE! Little stinker. So I quick got a snap shot of this little child's pee. SO much! Of course I took my pants off (right there in the car) and a man walks up to David's window (thankfully it wasn't mine) and asks if everything is okay since we had been parked there for a while. Norah was still on my lap since I was finishing changing her but I clearly had NO PANTS ON! Oh such funny things come out of being parents :)
We were pretty busy in MN but SO many fun things happened! The first full day we were there the boys hit up the Wild game! They were getting themselves pumped for some cheering in the nose bleeds. (AJ, David, Dad & Nathan)
Us girls got to see the Schlee girls! (Jes, Dawn, Joy & Ky) It was fun to hear more about their memories of Norah's birth and things I said or happened that I didn't remember.
(Kim, Nana, Norah & Me)
My Grandma got to meet Norah for the first time! It was fun to watch her hold Norah and just stare at her.
We LOVED the snow that came when we were there. We miss the beautiful Midwest snow and the way they know how to take care of the roads!
The day after Christmas we celebrated with my mom's family. Each year we celebrate by cooking food from another country and learning about traditions etc of the country. This year we did Korea. The food was delicious and the company even better. Above is my mom and two of her three brothers, Dale & Dean!
A snap shot of the food!
First Christmas as a family of three!
*Note the pearls on my neck are from the hubs! Thanks Baby!*
Way cute pic of Kim & Nors
The 27th we celebrated with my dad's family at my grandmas. The tradition here is we order a TON of Chinese take out food and eat at my Grandma's house and talk and play games all day long! This year we did a hot seat type of a thing where each person was in front of the rest and told high lights of the past year and everyone else could grill them with questions. It was really awesome to hear more details of my cousins and aunts and uncles lives. We missed you Josh, Kristin & Michael & Michelle.
Even though my mom's head is cut off this is the best family pic I have! Norah was a bit overwhelmed with seeing SO many people the last few days so she needed mom or dad and then she just snoozed.
We had a WONDERFUL time in MN. Thank you to everyone we saw and everyone who changed their schedules to we could make the celebrations. We are so truly blessed by the Moselle & Malley family. Love y'all!


Terri said...

Kel and David, your WHOLE family is just so pretty! Seriously! Thanks for sharing your travels. Oh, and the fact that you took a picture after Norah went to the bathroom on you is one of the funniest things EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bwahahahahahaha! Also, love the new blog background. Love you!

Terri said...

Oh, and PS, I adore your traditions of eating/learning about a different country and ordering Chinese food and playing games. AWESOME!

Kim said...

You have nice pics! Thanks for sharing and putting them up. I always enjoy them and all of your picture captions. Oh and I really like the new blog background a lot!!! love you!

Eryn said...

so fun! What cool family traditions!


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