Friday, January 15, 2010

New Years in IL!

After a few days in MN we headed over to IL to celebrate a little belated Christmas and some new years! We had a wonderful time in IL seeing many friends and family and showing Norah off to all. She was a big hit of course and handled all the love and attention very well :)
David and I used the grandparents for a little time away, they babysat and we went out with some friends and each other. We were so grateful to have time together and this was one of the first times we left Norah for an extended period of time! It was rather relaxing!
We were able to relax and take it easy during most days. Here's a picture of my loves relaxin' on the couch!
Norah of course had the BIGGEST stocking and so we thought it would be cute to stick her in it. She thought it was pretty funny too :)
We were able to make a few appearances at Steve & Colleen's wedding with the life size cut out above. It was pretty funny to see this in person. What a cleaver idea!
We were so thankful that Disko & Joy were able to come and visit us in Rockford. We cherish any time we can snatch with them and love them so much!
We also got to visit with Tanner for a while. David and Tanner are good friends from high school, he was in our wedding and just love any time we can get with him. He's been living in China for a few years and moved back there on the first of the year to start a new job in Beijing.
A cute pic of Daddy & daughter
A snap shot of all the girls on new years eve! (Kristin, Norah, Colleen, Me & Karen)

Happy new year!!
Steve & Colleen.. the newly weds :)
Kristin & Keith
After 11 days on the road we headed back to CO. We decided to take the road trip home in two days since it was quite long. We stopped in Omaha, NE for a night of rest and stayed at Offut AFB. Here's a picture of David holding Norah football style!

What a wonderful time we had with the Blomgren's in IL. We are so grateful to have such awesome families who love us and want to spend time with us. Thank you to everyone for stopping by to see us and taking time to hear about David's deployment, life with Norah and other random details.

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Amber said...

Sounds like you guys had a great trip! Only the brave can road trip it with a baby! We have done it a few times and now I know why only the brave do it! :)


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