Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life in Iraq

I feel like I'm back in college. I get up, go eat as much food as a want at the DEFAC (chow hall), go to work, eat some more, work out, work some more, watch an episode of The Office, come back to my dorm-like trailor, Skype my wife, and go to bed. Not a bad life, actually. In fact, my roommate is playing his xbox as I type. And, I'm banned from drinking alcohol here, too! I guess I didn't have to walk down the street in 110 degree weather with a gun when I was in college, though.

Obviously, I made it safely to Bagdad and the IZ (international zone). I'm getting into a routine and getting settled in...although, it looks like they are moving my office to a different FOB (forward operating base) in the next few weeks. Despite being separated from Kelly (and Wrigs), I'm enjoying my deployed life. Tonight there is a dust storm and it literally tastes like sand everywhere. It's like a dense fog outside...sand was caked to my glasses on my walk home.

I'll keep everyone posted here on any updates...of course, I can't share too much on the blog. Sorry. Thanks again for your prayers...til next time.

1 comment:

Stephen Becker said...

Good to hear things are well, Blom. I'll try to send you some Zima, but it might be difficult since it's no longer in production. Sometime, Skype Disko...


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