Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun Weekends!

Well, I sure have been a busy lady!  I've had company the last few weekends and have been enjoying myself a whole lot!
Two weekends ago David's parents came for a visit.  They flew into the Springs so we could drive to Vail together!  We spent a wonderfully relaxing weekend away from home and enjoy life in the mountains.  It unfortunately rained quite a bit so we had a damp but good time!  I didn't take any pictures but we enjoyed walking around Vail, eating some very delicious Halibut and reading on the couch.  Thank you Blomgrens for the visit and for our time away at the condo!
The following weekend, last weekend, my best friend Polly arrived!  Polly, Aliyah and Karla (Polly's mom) came on Monday and spent time with me during the week!  We had a great time just talking and eating and watching a girly movie.  Karla was very busy though, because she was the mother of the groom yesterday at Lloyd's wedding!  So, it was a fun week with their whole family in town whom I love and adopt as my second family!  I know all of their cousins and cherish any time I can spend with this amazing family.  I lived with them the summer before I was married to David so that helped me to bond with Polly's 6 other siblings!
Not the greatest picture, but the only one I have of the beautiful Bride and handsome Groom!
Congrats Jenny & Lloyd and thanks for a fun day!
Polly, Aliyah (9 months), and Jeremy
At the rehearsal dinner: Me, Cody (Polly's bro), Polly & Jeremy
Beautiful baby girl who I had the privilege of babysitting during some of the wedding events!
Our main hang out place during the week, near the backyard and near all the diaper stuff :)
So, last year Polly & Jeremy came to visit us and Polly was about as far along as I am in her pregnancy.  We took some silly pictures last year so we tried to rein-act them, only this time I'm the prego!!
Here's one of the pictures from last year :)

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Terri said...

I love the re-enactment of the pictures. And I love little Aliyah's eyes in the photo where she looks totally shocked! ha! I'm glad you've been having visitors, Kel. :)


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