Tuesday, July 20, 2010


As you can see Norah, Wrigley and I are having a great time in TLF (our temporary living facility) on Fairchild AFB. David is hard at work in his new office and getting to know his coworkers. Since we're living on base until we move into our new home we are learning to rest and play with the same toys over and over again! Also, we had lunch with David yesterday and we're brining him lunch today which I LOVE!! Schriever was so far from home that we actually had lunch together once I think.

As far as a house update... we found one! We were so blessed to find a beautiful place to call home for at least two years. We looked at 15 houses/duplex's and got a great feel for Spokane and it's lay out. The house we found has everything on our wish list and we are so excited to share the pictures of it with you once we get settled. Thanks again for supporting us through prayers, we need them still as we adjust to a new city.

*Also, Norah is 10 months old today! She's like a toddler already pulling herself up to stand and cruising all over the room! LOVE it!*

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Katie said...

yay for finding a place to live! can't wait to see the pics. let's talk soon. miss you!


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