Sunday, August 21, 2011

not the travel call.

We haven't received "the call" but... we're still on our way to Seoul :)

David started his adoption leave on Friday so he could be put on a standby list for a flight this morning (in Germany) with the AF.  There were only 6 seats available and lots of people waiting. At this point all I know is he got on the flight very last minute and he emailed me saying "I got on the Mchcord flight!!!!!! Totally a God thing."  It gets me all choked up and I cannot wait to hear how his day unfolded before that email (there were about ten emails all saying he wasn't getting on and talking about which tickets he should purchase).

It's like God wants to make sure we have to give Him credit, like we wouldn't, by making everything so insanely fall into place like only He can do.  It's kinda takin' a toll my human body since I'm a fat ball of nerves - still obviously learning about put my full trust in Him alone.

This morning my mom is also flying standby to get to Spokane to help watch Norah while we're gone.  She got through the first leg of the trip and now has a grueling 14 hour layover to get through before finding out if she will make it through the second leg!

Tomorrow I will fly to Seattle to see my man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited.

Tuesday we are on the standby list, yet again, to get to Korea.  The odds are truly in our favor as the flight has over 50 seats still available.

Some of the details: we knew the call should be coming any day and also knew that it would take David two days or more to get to the states to go to Korea together.  So, we checked in with our agency about getting to Korea before the call and they gave us the go ahead.  If Evelyn's visa has still not been issued by the time we arrive in Seoul we hope to get her packet from the agency and bring it to the embassy to be processed (yes, that's all we've been waiting for since August 10th).  After that we can finally meet our babe :)

Once we have Evelyn we'll get her enrolled in our insurance on the AF base there and hopefully be able to fly standby back to the states (please pray)!

So, if all works out as planned we'll have gotten David literally flown around the world; I'll have flown Seattle to Korea and back and Evelyn from Korea to the states all at the mere cost of the stress of the unknown.  Okay, not sure if that sentence makes sense or is a suuuuuper long run-on but whatever, you get what I'm saying.

The emotional side:  It's hard. What we're about to embark on with Evelyn entering into our family is all we've prayed and wanted this last year.  The reality is still scary, and exciting. We know the Lord's called us to this adoption and have so much love for Evelyn but it's the whole thing about becoming parents again - being responsible for another human/two of them - becoming a biracial family - moving over seas and all any move entails (new community, new church, new job).  There are so many overwhelming positives but with any situation there are some concerns of the unknown and leaving the safety of what you have. I think that mostly sums up what we're feeling right now.

Like always, we covet your prayers. Please pray for all the flights and details we have that are still unknown; for timing of the visa and the standby list. Pray for all the anxieties, that we can truly sleep when time allows and trust in the Lord for all the things ahead. Pray for Evelyn's heart to be craving what only our family can give her and that she is receptive to us when we meet her. Pray for her foster family as they will surely grieve losing her . Pray too for Norah that the Lord prepares her to welcome "Sissy" home with lots of love and grace; and that Norah isn't too jealous or needy when we're figuring out where to put all our love for our two girls!

Thank you for all your words of encouragement and prayers. We need them all to stay afloat.  Don't be shy, go ahead and send some more words of encouragement and prayers - I'm not afraid to ask!


Mike and Meg said...

Wow! How exciting, Kelly & David! Wishing you safe travels!!!

hollypelz said...


Dan and Shell said...

Whoooo hoooo!!!! Praise the Lord!! It's actually happening!!! You & David & both of the girls will be in our prayers these next few weeks! Can't wait to hear how your "gottcha" story unfolds!!!

Karen Blomgren said...

David and Kelly,

We are finally here and so excited about our new little grandaughter. God has a plan for her and for your famiy. May you feel our prayers and God's strength in these next few days. How thankful we are for little Evelyn and our Norah. Lots of Love, Mom and Dad B.

Peter and Bethany said...

Wow! So many things to process! I am so excited for you guys to meet your little girl. Praying for peace and comfort in each step.

Mattie said...

SO exciting!!! We are praying for you all and can't wait to hear how God clears the way for a smooth trip to bring Evelyn home!


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