Monday, August 22, 2011

he made it here.

After over 24 hours of grueling travel David made it to the west coast!!  Praise God for his provision in getting David here safely.  I talked to him briefly in the middle of his two flights just to tell him about the hotel in Seattle and the transportation to and from the hotel.  You see, his German cell phone doesn't work that well here :)

My mom also made it to her destination!  After her first standby flight at 6:30am, a 14 hour layover (yuck) and another flight she arrived in Spokane around 11pm (1am her time).

I'm leaving in about 4 hours and I get to see my husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yippy!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait!!!!

Please pray for all the details of our flight tomorrow, that we would get on to that standby flight.  The flight leaves at 8:30am pacific time if you like to pray while things unfold (we'll be at the airport at least three hours ahead).

Thanks for your support and journeying with us.  I'll try to keep you updated as things unfold.


carly said...

so excited for you and david to be together!! we love you guys and are praying for all of the details this week! :)

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Yeah! You are together by now I think (2:30pm?). I'm so excited that you'll get the rest of today together before embarking on the next leg of your journey together tomorrow morning. Praying, of course. Love you!


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