Thursday, August 11, 2011

EP approved and praising God!

For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay. 
    -Habakkuk 2:5

After almost 12 weeks of waiting for our Evelyn's EP to be approved we are praising God for this completed step!  Even though we've felt like this process is flawed and delayed, God had it under control and surely to Him all along this was the plan and it was not delayed.  For His glory we've waited and in it I have grown, and I know David completely agrees!|

After hearing on Monday that the ministry had started taking more EP applications we thought for sure yesterday we would hear of ours being approved.  Nothing happened yesterday and I was totally discouraged.  Still we were somewhat hopeful that at least there was some type of movement and progress, even if it didn't have to do with Evelyn.

After over a week without talking to David on the phone or computer we finally connected today.  It was such a blessing to get the call about the EP approval while I was on Skype with him!!  We are both so relieved and feeling such a surge of energy and excitement over bringing our Evelyn home.

Next step - visa medical appointment. We are praying for a quick turn around on Evelyn's appointment with a specialized doctor to fill out her visa forms for travel and 
emigration to the US.  Because Evelyn was a waiting child there is a special waiver the doctor will fill out and we have to sign, get notarized, overnight to our agency, they will overnight it to our agency in Korea who in-turn gets it to the US Embassy - phew!  

Once the embassy has it in their hands the visa interview can be scheduled (usually this is able to be scheduled quickly) and once the "interview" happens they process her travel documents within 24hours and we can go to Seoul!!!!  

So, as you can see there are still a few major details on this end of things before the MANY details once she's in the states.
We are praying for anything and everything to happen fast - which would mean we could maybe travel in August but that is still a stretch.  Please keep praying for a miracle and that we would be patient and trusting in the Lord. He is good and His timing is the best, we know that full well and we're resting in that truth.


Sandy M. said...

Guess this was a great day for Uncle Dave to be wearing his blue adoption T-shirt all over Dave & Buster's tonight.

Far From Perfect MaMMa said...

Kelly & David, we are THRILLED to hear that this hurtle has now been over taken! YEAH!!!! Wish you were here so I could do my part by Notarizing your docs! Just go to any bank, most bankers are notary and will do it for you if you have an account with them.

So...So...Sooooooo happy to read this good news.

Mattie said...

Praise the Lord!!! This is so exciting!!! Praying for the following steps to happen quickly, efficiently and problem free!!!


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