Tuesday, August 2, 2011

july chaos in Korea.

In short, nothing much has happened for our adoption.  It's been a tough few weeks for many families in the process of waiting to bring home their precious children from Korea.

On the Korean side, things have been paused since the end of May and no families have been issued the permit we are waiting to get Evelyn home.  From the little information that has been officially announced  the Ministry of Health and Welfare (the ones who issue the permits) decided to make a strong point to the adoption agencies who have not been completing their paperwork after the children have gone to be with their families (post placement paperwork).  The ministry has been requesting the missing paperwork before they will continue issuing new permits.

During this time the ministry has also announced that they are changing some of the upcoming adoption laws and those changes will go into effect in 2012 (they don't affect us).  They are trying to move toward closing intercountry adoption so that children can be adopted domestically only.  This would be a wonderful thing but the number of children without homes far exceeds the number of families able and willing to adopt.  The issue behind all of these things is much deeper but there's no need to dive into that here.

The latest update we've received is that our agencies have all their paperwork into the ministry and now all we can do is continue to pray and wait.  Our agency has been led to believe permits will start being issued again sometime in August.  We're back to hoping each day bring that's awaited phone call that Evelyn's EP was approved, please join us!  We are officially the next family from our agency who will travel to bring their child home, yippy!

If you're interested in reading a little more about this pause in permits, check this post out.

Since Evelyn's been adoptable and waiting for over a year she has had her second full physical.  Each month she sees the same doctor and they send us an assessment of her health and motor skills along with her weight and teeth count.  This week we received her full physical exam results.  Nothing surprising or alarming. She is still healthy and developing well.  She is "cute and fine", has 10 teeth and weighs 20 lbs, 7 oz and drinks from a cup :) I love any and all details we can get.

Of course we are all longing to be together again, ASAP.  I miss David so much and the stress of the last three+ weeks since he's been gone have been pretty darn intense so that makes me miss him all the more.  Pray that Evelyn has a deep longing for us, even though she knows nothing about us - just that there's some type of need that only we as a family can fill.  We long for her to be with us but continue to trust God in his timing and know that this process is for His glory and that we would be refined as we wait.  I'm thankful again and again for David's positive attitude even though he's alone and in a new country.


carly said...

so SO excited for you guys! we are praying!!!

SaraBethJ said...

Hey sister! How old is Evelyn now? Oh those little details must bring such joy to your heart. I remember when my parents adopted my sister all the delays on the Romanian side. It was so frustrating to hear that the government was shut down and no adoption papers were being processed. That was a trying time. I pray that in the midst of these trials, that you would still find joy and that your heart and mind can rest. I cannot wait to hear of you all being united. Until then, know that you are loved and that He is with your baby when you cannot be. Love you lots. Am so excited that you are going to be living in Germany! We LOVED every minute of our time there!

Mattie said...

My agency said they could not even send my file to be put on the official wait list until EPs starting being issued again (in late fall). They also said the issue was due to the quota of EPs that Korea allows was met in May. Thanks for linking to the article, I pray Evelyn's EP comes through soon!!!

Mike and Meg said...

Kelly, your patience is truly inspiring. I know how frustrating this must be, especially since David is gone, but that never comes through in your writing at all! Evelyn is so lucky to have you!

Karen Blomgren said...

We continue to pray for God's perfect timing for Evelyn to arrive. We thank Him for his provisions during this time of change and we rest upon His complete care for all of you. We are so thankful for your wonderful friends in Spokane who are so caring. God bless! xo Grandma Karen

mandii said...

praying that you get your little lady home soon and your entire family is able to be together -- and praying for a peace that surpasses all understanding in the meantime. Hang in there!


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