Monday, August 1, 2011

july chaos in germany.

David is hoping to post soon about his first impressions of home and what he's been learning.  It's been fun getting reports about the new culture we're entering into, all the things we can explore and tidbits about his new job.  He's been doing well and has been at his job now about two weeks already.  There's a steep learning curve for the position so it'll take him a bit to really be into his rhythm as a Medical Law Consultant.

The first week he was in the area he looked at several German homes and was quite overwhelmed at the idea he might have to choose one on the spot.  You see, there are so many people that want to rent and so if you like a house, a lot of times you need to sign a contract on the spot so no one the next hour takes it out from under you!  Once again, the Lord faithfully provided a home for us in the village of Nanzdietschweiler (try saying that 5 times)!  We'll share pictures and more on our awesome village later.  But, to whet your appetite I'll say it's got a fenced in yard for the girls and Wrigley, a beautiful drive into town (from the pictures I saw) and it's surrounded by many a German folk which is what we were hoping for.

Prayer requests for David: please pray that he finds a quick community as he waits, that he is able to ease into his new job and start to love what he's now going to do for next three years.  Pray for him and Wrigs as they transition into our new home next week, that they would feel at ease there even without anything in it :)

Update on Korea coming tomorrow, stay tuned!

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Mattie said...

Anxiously awaiting your news about Korea and praying for you all as you transition to your new home!


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