Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where in the world are we?

Here is the simplified travel itinerary for our adventure!

August 7th LV Chicago-O’Hare

August 8th AR Hong Kong

August 9th LV Hong Kong - AR Bangkok

August 10th LV Bangkok - AR Jakarta

August 19th LV Jakarta - AR Bali
(Happy B-Day AJ and Scotty!!)

August 24th LV Bali - AR Jakarta

August 25th LV Jakarta - AR Phuket

September 3rd LV Bangkok - AR Kathmandu

October 5th LV Kathmandu

October 6th LV Bangkok - AR Minneapolis


Kevinnnn said...

You didnt say when you were shaving your head in this itinirary (and I probably spelt that wrong)

andrew said...

Hey guys, we love the blog... think you can squeeze Raleigh in your world travels? We're excited for you guys!!!

Lloyder said...

Its the Blomgren Bloggerz!!!

Know this...your people here in SD are ultra psyched about Dave finishing the bar. Also to be safe in Asia and don't get parasites. Put mega loads of pictures on this blog site so we can all go with you!

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your trip, and remember to cook it, peel it, boil it, or forget it! Aunt Kris


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