Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Me + A Mustache = Totally Awesome

And by "totally awesome," I mean totally embarrasing.

Since my internet connection isn't the best here, I thought I would start adding a photo or two every other day or so. Here's the first:

All of the attorneys here are doing a 2-month mustache contest. 2 months is a long time to wear this nastiness. However, sad to say...mine is not the worst. It's definitely not the best, but there is a lot of patchiness going around. Here I am at week 2.
We smoke cigars once a week on a rooftop. Good times...just like Boston Legal (without the scotch). I will definitely miss these nights.


Blomgren2 said...

Oh Baby! You look HOT... hot as in SICKKKKKK. But, I still think you're attractive obviously!! =*

Neville said...

Oh baby, you do look hot. This is Neville. You're other baby.

Haha...that's funny. Do they actually require it to look like that? ;)

stephanie said...


Kelly, I hope you realize how lucky you are to have such an awesome (embarrassing) husband!

katie said...

ok - here's what i have to admit. it doesn't look as bad as i thought it would when kel told me you were doing this but it's still creepy - don't have any doubt about that. and now i have a new strategy when kelly is missing you - i'll just tell her to think of the mustache. :)


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