Thursday, November 19, 2009

Norah's Guests

Thank you to everyone who traveled so far to see Norah and myself. I am so grateful for your support and love during this transition without my Hubby. I know time is precious and flying and driving is not cheap but please know that words cannot describe the support I've felt through your days here in CO with us.

In order of appearance, here are Norah's already faithful family and friends visiting her during the first two months of life!
My AMAZING cousins Kyleen and her baby girl Joy (not pictured) and Jessica! They were in town from MN when I went into labor - more to come on my labor and delivery later. Ky and Jes were obviously an amazing support and really just a gift from God. I'm so grateful for their support and love, especially through Norah's birth!
My Mom was able to fly in on a whim and arrived the day Norah and I were discharged from the hospital. What a special three generational picture!
Nana lovin' on her 1st grand-baby.
Auntie Kim and Papa drove through the night from MN to meet Norah. Their 14+ hour drive each way was so sacrificial and they could only stay for a day and a half. That's love!
Papa REALLY excited to meet his 1st grand-baby too.
Thanks for coming to see us!
Auntie Kristin was planning on visiting me before Norah arrived! She came a week before Norah's actual due date and Norah was already 3 1/2 weeks old.
Grandma came to visit during Kristin's week here to meet her 1st grand-baby too!
My mom made her way back over my due date and enjoyed a little more granddaughter love.
My Dad and brother then drove in from MN (Dad, you're crazy to do that again!)!
Of course uncle Aaron brought Norah a Wild hat! She's working on growing into that now :)
My wonderful friend Polly and her one year old flew in from Rapid City. They were able to stay a week and show Norah and I what life will be like in a year from now! Scary.
Grandpa Chuck FINALLY got to meet Norah! He was psyched to arrive in the Springs to hold his 1st granddaughter just like everyone else :)
It was hard to get him to look at the camera since he was usually just staring at Norah's beautiful face :)
Auntie Kim and my college roommate Ashley arrived after the grandparents. We had a great time doing girly stuff.
Thanks for making time to visit Ash, it was so special to have you.

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Kim said...

Love all the pics of the guests! Miss you and hope things are going well today!


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