Monday, February 22, 2010

A Great Weekend in Denver

You see David has never celebrated Valentines Day with me! He is anti v-day since he thinks it's all a scheme to make money (which it basically is). This year, he sacrificed his beliefs and planned a really fun weekend away from home for all four of us! We had two nice dinners and stayed two nights at the JW Marriott in Denver which allows dogs to join for free! What an added bonus. We had an awesome time and were so relaxed. Here are some pictures from the fun times.
Norah's got a funny look on her face but it's still cute :)
Wrigley and Norah both are still fascinated with each other.
A really delicious glass of wine from our trip to CA last month! Norah wants in on it.
Our 9th valentines "togther" and the 1st time to celebrate! Go David!
My loves all relaxing together and watching Ice Age.
Shopping at The Container Store! It was pretty fun but too tempting to buy stuff you don't really need. Until next year.... :)

1 comment:

Maki said...

Great job for talking him in to celebrating! Looks like you had fun!


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