Saturday, April 17, 2010

New and Exciting Things for Norah

As Norah grows and develops she's ready to try some new things! It is so much fun to watch her explore and socialize. I love it!!! Here are a few pictures from the last two weeks.
Norah and her four little friends ready to hit the pool. All these girls were born within a month of each other and it's so encouraging to have friends who are literally going through the same stage of life as I am and they all have girls too! Norah is the oldest of the five girls but if she was born on time would have been the youngest (she's still the smallest and lags a little developmentally but no worries she'll catch up!). L to R: Fable, Norah, Makayla, Bridget and Maren - what cuties!!!
Norah and mom at the pool. Norah basically cried every time I tried to get her in the water. I think it's either teething, overly tired baby or just a little scared. We'll try again soon!
Her new ear protectors! Now we feel safe bringing Norah to our extra loud church service! She's so adorable in them right?!
Her first "solid" food and she went crazy for it!!!
All the sudden, she sits up! This picture was the second day she was sitting but now that she's gotten the hang of it she's a little more upright! What a blast to watch her figure this out!!! I LOVE MOTHERHOOD!!!


Maki said...

These are great Kelly! Made me smile this morning. God's blessings on you...Sandy

Ben and Melissa said...

I love the picture of all the baby girls on the couch in their swimsuits! SO cute!

Looks like Norah likes the headphones! Maybe if Alice sees her wearing them she'll be okay with them. A little positive peer pressure? :)

Kim said...

Love all of the pics! So much fun to see Norah grow and make new friends :)

Kim said...

Love all of the pics! So much fun to see Norah grow and make new friends :)

Anonymous said...


Grandma and Grandpa think you are so sweet. We love the picture of you with your friends. You look so cute. Love, Grandma Karen and Grandpa Chuck

Eryn said...

The first year with my first babe was one of the highlights of life as a mom...all the brand new adventures together is so much fun....soak up every minute!


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