Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two Family Vacations!!

We were so blessed to head to WI for a week and a half to spend time with the Blomgrens and the Moselles. We had so much fun relaxing and spending time with our awesome families! Here's a taste of our time at Kolnes Kove!
Norah loved the sliding windows and would scoot over to them whenever possible. She played this game where she sucked the window?! Silly girl!
Nana reads with Norah
AJ and Norah both about to take naps!
Out for a delish breakfast
The almost newlyweds!!
Dad & AJ enjoying time with family of course!
Having fun in the lake and trying a little synchronized swimming (not pictured) :)
Book & boatin' it!
Out for another great breakfast with the Blomgrens
Still in love after 5 years!!
Grandpa Chuck and Norah driving the pontoon!
Grandma Karen was so great on the boat. She held Norah and soothed her to sleep while we played in the water!
All the kids (sans Wrigley :() in the water at once!
David's Swedish chicks
Norah's first boat ride! A little surprised maybe?? Funny.
A little pick-two on the amazing deck!
Norah loves her aunties!

1 comment:

katie said...

oh my goodness. love those pictures of norah. lets just face it - making faces against a window is fun at basically any age. :)


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