Friday, February 3, 2012

a little (german) home improvement.

It's taken us a little bit but we really do feel at home in our home!  Before we could even relax we got the go ahead from the landlord to fix a little something on our walls... the color!  I mean, look at what was on there before... bleh!
Wait, did I mention it was sponge painted yellow - bonus for the sponge paint!
Depending on how bright the sun was - the walls just got more vibrant.  Now, call me Debbie Downer if you want, yellow walls are cheerful after all... but nope, we couldn't take it.

About three weeks after the girls and I arrived here we got to work - in the middle of unpacking too. We decided that during the chaos was as good a time as any!  We picked up our primer and paint with some translation issues and away we went.  After priming and starting on the trim - we got scared!  The grey we thought we picked out was more like charcoal.  Quickly David ran to the store and asked them to add white but, that's a no go - we would have to spend 50 more euro on a whole new pale.  Instead, we bought the cheaper white pale and added it to our grey.  
We love the color (a small hint of blue) and feel so relaxed in our new living room!  Yes, I'm still working on the blank canvas and yes... in that picture above Norah is playing with a panty liner - what the heck - she found it during the move (a new one!) and it entertained her :)

And, because I love them and you think they're pretty darn cute too - here's a fun one from the week of painting. Me and my girlies cuddling on the couch!


stef said...

I really really like that color and the B on the wall!

and of course pics of your girls always give me a laugh

Goforth said...

Love the color you chose. So lovely! :) HUGS!!!

David and Bethany said...

Great paint color!! And I love the picture of you three sweet girls (and that you're wearing an Olson shirt). ;)

Melissa said...

Yellow sponge paint!? Wow. That's...special.
Nice work on the new color. I love it!

And I LOVE the panty liner picture. :)

Carey said...

So, I was going to comment and realized I would have said exactly what Melissa ditto!

Tressa said...

I love the color! I have some friends here moving to Germany in a couple of weeks. What town are you in?


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