Friday, March 30, 2012

6 months later.

We were so blessed the day Evelyn entered our lives, in person, SIX months ago!  We have been so blessed to have her in our lives and cannot imagine our lives without her.

Here are a few of the first pictures we saw of Evelyn - just ONE YEAR ago (March 11th)...
2 days old!
8 months old.
and then the day we started to actually know her (August 27th)...
14 months old.
and then the day she was officially a Blomgren (September 16th)...
15 months old.
Evelyn has obviously had drastic changes in her life over the past six months and it has it's taken some time for her to be comfortable in new surroundings.  Our family in general has also had many changes, both good and bad, in the past year, and we are extremely thankful for all the support from our friends and family, both near and far.
18 months.
One of the really fun things to look back on is Evelyn's blossoming - as I like to call it.  She's definitely blossomed into something so much more than when we first met her. I'm sure she was a happy babe in her foster home and well adjusted to her life there but when we met her she was not herself (for obvious reasons).  So as time slowly passes we see her true colors come out and it's just so fun.  For example, she only really smirked for us until about 2 months ago and now she SMILES and giggles often.  It's not that we hadn't seen that smile because if anyone could actually coax a laugh out of her she had a smile to go with it. But now, she freely gives them both.  When she was first home she was only expressive in her frustration and grief, but now she's become expressive in her happy, sad, mad, hungry, giddy, scared, tired and everything else in-between... we love it all and are thankful she can communicate with those emotions.
20 months.
Evelyn Jae-in, we are so thankful for you in our family and love you very very much.  You are a major blessing in our lives and we are excited to see you continue to blossom :)

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