Tuesday, August 21, 2012

rothenburg. a walled city.

On our drive home from Prague we spent the night in Rothenberg, Germany. It's a medieval walled city with much history and a wonderful story of how it eluded attacks during WWII.  We walked the streets in the evening and then took the "night watchman's tour," where a man dressed as an old watchman told us about the history of the town and how it stayed protected during many different wars.  This town is also the inspiration village for Pinocchio and can be seen in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!
This is not our hotel but a very cute German hotel with a restaurant below. I love the ivy!

 Enjoying the warm night and beautiful buildings.
 Livin' it up as toddlers getting pushed around and fed fun new foods all the time :)
 Sharing ice cream before the tour. Aren't the buildings so neat?!
 During the tour we'd stop and the watchman would tell stories, so we let Norah run around a bit... here she is eating again and enjoying her Daddy.
 Not the best shot of the walled part of the city but still a beautiful view, and a cute couple, too!
 At one of the entrances to the city, only one man can pass through at a time (for identification purposes).  And Norah being well, 2.5 and loving life!
One more fun thing we did on the way home... got a GREAT deal on crystal!  There was a crystal outlet on the way home from Rothenburg so we stopped and hit the jackpot.  They only have the warehouse open on Fridays.  We got 12 wine glasses, 4 goblets (that we think match our wedding set), a decanter, 3 little shot glasses for lemoncello, 4 small glasses for mixed drinks and that beautiful bowl (and maybe a gift or two)--all for 75 euro!  It was fun just to get such a great deal.


stef said...

Rothenburg is high up on my list of places to go! Looking at the pictures makes me want to cry it all looks so pretty!

~Sue said...

Love that city!

Stephen said...

Love these pics and posts!!


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