Saturday, September 1, 2007

Finally, the pictures!!!!

Well, this should be at the bottom since it's in Railay but we loved this amazing tree that was right outside our bungalow.

Here we are at the entrance to the volcano we couldn't hike. See the sad faces!?

The four of us after a really rouch day of golfing the most beautiful course in Jakarta.

David and I with our crappy surf board. Let's just say we both got up at least one time ;-) David on his first try!

The view from inside our room at the Alam Sari. We are so relaxed!

A quick picture before the rain comes pouring down on us during our 2.5hr. bike ride.

I got David sleeping in the Jakarta airport!

Catching the sunset from West Railay Beach. Mmmmmm.

The beach!


Anonymous said...

Asia > Pennoyer v. Neff

Beth said...

Great pictures! Glad to see and read you are having a good time. We miss you guys terribly! You'll have to visit us when you return!


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